Santa N. Claus Santa N. Claus
120 L 4 pcs
Love these! They aren't air tight but serve the purpose very well. Well made and just as sturdy as top name brands for much more. They easily fit right in to my bakery but big enough to quite a bit of flour and sugar.My only complaint is no scoops came with them but other than than that, they're pretty much top shelf 5 star all the way.
4 Pack Ingredient Storage Bin 10.5 Gal 6.6 Gal Flour Bin On Wheels W/sliding Lid
60 L 3 pcs
3 Pack Ingredient Bin With Caster 6.6 Gallon Mobile Restaurant Kitchen Flour Bin
Brian Brian
40 L 2 pcs
Does not seal food
There is a part in the front under the handle to open this that is completely open enough for anything to get in. The purpose of storage bins (for our needs) is to store dry food (flour) and keep it free of contaminants and in case of pests, it's protected and sealed... Not in this case, there is no seal, only about a 1" x 2" opening for anything to crawl right in.
cj cj
120 L 3 pcs
Overall great product
Great product short but hold a full bag.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
120 L 4 pcs
Nice size.
Very sturdy main body with heavy duty wheel casters. The clear plastic top seems a little flimsy but I haven't tested theory of being air tight.
Deborah Siciliano Deborah Siciliano
120 L 4 pcs
Exactly what we ordered and was delivered in a timely manner. I would order from this company again.
Gregg Dionne Gregg Dionne
120 L 4 pcs
Hold 2 50# bags of flour
Easy to assemble.. wheels are sturdy.. holds 2 fifty pound bags of flour!

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