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Shannon Jackson Shannon Jackson
Very sturdy,
Works great for my tax office
Nick P Nick P
Looks good, sturdy and roomy.
Love this, delivery guys also love not needing to wait around. Installed under a CCTV camera but we haven’t had any problems with stealing. It’s a little light so we used a few large floor tiles in the bottom, it has hardly moved since.
steven campo steven campo
Worth every penny!
Incredibly fast delivery. This box is just as described, durable and should last a long time. I modified it by extending the feet with 2" PVC. I did this so it does not sit so close to the ground. It will prevent snow from accumulating near the bottom. I will post pictures of the modification, but it does look nice. Superb Service Quality Product Fast Delivery Great Vendor Highly Recommend
Lyn Miller Lyn Miller
Excellent Product
Well built, sturdy parcel box. A very good value.
S. Leonard S. Leonard
Does anyone have any information on what size bolts are required to finish assembly?
Does anyone have any information on what size bolts are required to finish assembly? If I knew another way to contact the seller, I would do that. It seems like a very durable and sturdy box, and I’m using it as soon as I can close the lid
Soupy Soupy
Works well
Easy install works as described.
michael ruiz michael ruiz
Got exactly what I wanted! Thanks!
Great to use and amazing to have. I live in a apartment building of 12 and there are other apartment buildings. Someone was stealing packages from our building so I got this. I did not use the blocks, I use my own tapcons into the concrete and strong washers and is VERY STURDY. Great box!
Albert Wendel Dietz Albert Wendel Dietz
Ease of mind
We recently moved to a new city. We were worried about our small packages, since we do not know the neighborhood or the neighbors yet. This parcel box is not only stylish, it does exactly what it was designed to do.
Simon lecours Simon lecours
I love this mailbox!
This is a very sturdy mailbox. I made a concrete block with bolts sticking up for the mailbox mounting. There is no curb in front of my house so I needed to make the mounting block to position the mailbox opening at the USPS required height. The mailbox will hold a lot of mail. You can also take the bottom shelf out and put in a basket. I will do that if traveling for a long period of time. Very pleased with the purchase.
David Clements David Clements
The door could be pried open very easily.
The lock assembly is just not as good as could be. I paid a lot of money for this and I expected more.

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