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Army Guy Army Guy
Good product, not so great manufacture customer service
The product is good, however it didn't come with instructions to set the code. I've called and emailed Vevor customer service with no support or response.
Boris Peyton Boris Peyton
I like everything about this Mailbox.
Everything, I used this Mailbox for my UPS, FedEx and my USPS.
VEVOR Package Delivery Drop Box Parcel Mailbox 14''x11.3''x42'' Porch Container VEVOR Package Delivery Drop Box Parcel Mailbox 14''x11.3''x42'' Porch Container
Janusz Karnowski Janusz Karnowski
Really convenient large mailbox
The mailbox is well built, solidly constructed of decent materials, very convenient for deliveries of small packages (important in Covid times) drugs etc. I bought it especially for the deliveries from my pharmacy, for which otherwise I would have to walk to the store. The packages are protected so strangers cannot reach inside from the pretty wide slot at the top. There is a metal piece which closes the opening when you turn the top cover up. The content is also well protected from the elements, even at heavy rains I did not notice any leaks. My mail was perfectly dry. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of it.Janusz Karnowski, Philadelphia
Heather Grant Heather Grant
On time and exactly as pictures
This was exactly what we thought we were ordering, it arrived on time. Thanks.Michele B
Michael Fobell Michael Fobell
Leaks not water proof
When it rains mail gets wet
Georges D. Georges D.
Simple to assemble and as sturdy as I needed.
I really like the storage box, very simple to put together...serves my need. After reading some of the reviews, I was hesitant buying this. There were many reviews stating directions were not comprehensive enough and it was difficult to assemble...think again...none of that was true for me. I am not using it to secure packages, i just wanted something to store my patio cushions in, and it worked out perfect for me. Would buy again if I had to.
KStafford KStafford
Beautiful, and perfect for travelers
Love this mailbox! Well constructed, handsome, and too heavy for thieves to pick up and carry off! We get a lot of daily mail and because we travel a lot, this will hold about a month's worth of mail.
1745 reviewer 1745 reviewer
Nice Box, great capacity! Needs modifications to be secure.
The box is large enough to hold a lot of mail and small packages, easily several weeks worth, unless you receive many packages.The box is very easy to install, the downside is that the included "lock" can be opened with a screwdriver. I replaced it with a key lock. It was not a simple exchange, since the the hole is larger than a standard mailbox lock. I used an old face plate from a deadbolt that fit a standard mailbox lock perfectly. I used 2 pop rivets and epoxy to attach the plate behind the existing hole. The lock now works well, and is more secure.The other security issue was that the arms that attach the security plate that drops to allow mail to enter the box are attached with 2 small bolts, easily removed. I replaced these bolts with 1/4" rivets designed to attach tool ends (like shovels) to their handles. Now it will take more than just a screwdriver to break into the box.
Shannon Jackson Shannon Jackson
Very sturdy,
Works great for my tax office
Nick P Nick P
Looks good, sturdy and roomy.
Love this, delivery guys also love not needing to wait around. Installed under a CCTV camera but we haven’t had any problems with stealing. It’s a little light so we used a few large floor tiles in the bottom, it has hardly moved since.

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