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John John
7 inch 14 inch
Great Little Lathe
I haven't used it yet, but it looks great. I have allot of experience with machining. With that and a very nice video review of an identical machine, I believe that I can realistically expect that it will satisfy my modest needs. VIDEO: With full knowledge however I can say that the packaging is the best i have ever seen. The delivery driver set it down out of the truck on its end. Even though the UP orientation for the parcel was clearly marked. A barbecue grill delivered by the same company was also clearly marked and delivered also on end. That grill was pretty dinged up out of the box. But the lathe would have been fine any way they left it. It was bolted to the bottom of a surprizingly sturdy box, considering that it was constructed of 1/4" plywood. But the fasteners were amazing. It was astually quite a job just getting the thing opened. That's it. That's my review.
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