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Larry Nickles Larry Nickles
28 inch 12 pcs No
Meets DOT approvals
We received the cases of cones very promptly, ahead of the scheduled date. One of the boxes looked like the tape might have been redone by a shipper, not sure. I believe the box might have been dropped, which when all stacked are somewhat heavy. Two of the cones had the base corners broken and a third the tip was cracked. Keep in mind it was near zero temps and the cones are PVC. I contacted VEVOR and they responded with a request for pictures. I agreed that the cones were still usable and the cost of shipping back and forth made no sense, so they credited me the cost of the damaged cones. Otherwise the cones do what they are designed to do for the price. They have good reflective bands and will serve the purpose well. Thanks VEVOR
Cliff Ready Cliff Ready
28 inch 6 pcs Yes
really sturdy! Great use for when you're planning to get a license.
Very helpful for when you're learning how to park. I seriously purchased this to help with my parking and pursue my decision to get a driver's license. This product never disappoints. It's going to be useful for years.PS; I did passed my Driver's License last Dec 07, 2022 on my 1st attempt. Thank you, Cones! ❤❤❤
J-Top-Flight J-Top-Flight
28 inch 12 pcs Yes
As described. Best price I could find. We used them to line parking spaces in a trucking yard. Good quality....should last quite awhile.
28 inch 12 pcs Yes
Works well in a manufacturing facility to close off areas of floor that are being painted
Rslocum2 Rslocum2
28 inch 12 pcs Yes
Durable and weighted!
Would buy again!
28 inch 12 pcs Yes
Opened the box only to find that the tops were broken or deformed. The material is very hard and brittle in cool weather.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Have a great day,
Everbrooke Farms Everbrooke Farms
28 inch 10 pcs No
Excellent Quality for Horse Arena
We purchased these traffic cones for use in our horse arena to use as an obstacle and manipulative. They are extremely well-made. The reflector tape is easily removable and replaceable. For our needs we chose to remove them. They are packaged very well and are heavy duty. All in all they are a great buy and will last a very long time. They are “soft” enough too that they have give should a horse or person fall on them.
Mati Hari Mati Hari
30 inch 8 pcs No
these are great
Well made and light, easy to move around with the hook at the top. They still stack well
Roberta Roberta
28 inch 6 pcs Yes
Nice Cones!
They are flexible but very sturdy. The quality is pretty good. Will buy again.
Cameron Cameron
30 inch 8 pcs No
Lightweight and thin but practical
These are a lighter density cone than what i expected or am accustomed to, but they work good and for the purpose we use them for which are markers, they suffice.

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