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Frank Yanchus Frank Yanchus
works fabulous .....but
shipped from California to Pennsylvania. a 75 pound chunk of cast iron in a cardboard box 5x the size of the item with no packaging. so glad it arrived ok with no parts missing. the really big hydraulic fitting had to be replaced because.... what does this connect to,? a bulldozer?. replaced it with a 3/8 npt od 1/4 id npt bushing. then threaded in a hydraulic fitting from a hydraulic tool that I'm not using (with Teflon tape). used my 10000-psi air over hydraulic pump from my exhaust pipe expander to power this hole puncher. put the biggest die in and it punched through 1/8 in steel like nothing. super happy. Going to make extra dies on the lathe
MRG Machine MRG Machine
Excellent communication, fast delivery. Yes, this company is real! For the price, you can NOT go wrong!! It payed for itself with a profit in the first job
Jeff Arroyo Jeff Arroyo
Life saver if you have a LOT of holes to drill!
Bought this for a signing project I had going on at work. Easily saved us from having to buy probably $2k worth of drill bits, not to mention the time savings. We used this on 3/8" steel I-beams with a handheld hydraulic pump(not what it was listed as to be used for). But it worked, and even managed to punch through a 3/16" sheet of 304 stainless(shattered the die, but made the hole!). I've bought 3 of these so far. The first one completed approximately 600-700 holes before the frame began to deform. (Not upset, as the tool paid for itself in time/payroll savings alone). The onky thing to note is that when you try to adapt fittings to work with this, you need to be aware that the thread coming out of the unit is British thread, not SAE/Metric, or even NPT. Most hydraulic supply stores can assist you in getting set up properly. Only real problem is finding the dies for this. If the manufacturer would set different die sets separately, that would be great. The ones that came with it however, do work and are quite durable.
Pat Pat
Excellent product .excellent service and support from vendor and shipping. I recommend this vendor and product to anyone.
Marco Marco
This little guy works like a charm. Punched about 1000 holes the first couple of days upon receiving the tool. This tool is worth the money. I’ve used the 3/8” and 3/4” dies on 1/8” flat bar with no problem. Wish I would’ve bought the foot pedal pump. I recommend this punch tool
benbuilt4u benbuilt4u
tough and work
first one i got the dies didn't line up so wouldn't punch all the way through. i immediately ordered a replacement and that one worked perfect and punches clean holes 3/4" hole in .25" mild steel plate with ease
Quartermain Quartermain
They were OK shipping was horrible
They were OK shipping was horrible I ordered a couple of these in both times the shipping was horrible the boxes that came in were almost destroyed but the units themselves did operate.
Joshua Fair Joshua Fair
Fast counting without errors.
Makes short work on 3/4 button light panels on tractor trailers... Custom make light panels, Grommet holes, or what ever....I've used this to puch 3/4 holes in1/16", and 1/8" stainless1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" aluminum1/8", 3/16" mild steel.Hasn't failed me yet.I am using a 10 ton porta power ram, and some times a 10 ton electric over hydraulic pump, for repetitive holes.Well worth the money.
Thomas kincer Thomas kincer
Flimsy Box messed up missing dies, casting not the best, it works with air pump but slow.
Ed Thompson Ed Thompson
This thing works great! I haven't tried thicker than 1/4" steel, but it punches a 3/4" hole in it with ease. I have 2 minor complaints, but I want to stress that this is a great tool and a good value.First, the nut to lock the top die on always comes loose. The system to tighten it should be reengineered to allow it to be made tighter.Second, the dies have sloppy tolerances. On the dies I use the most, I use their bottom dies but made my own top ones with much tighter tolerances--not only does it work better, but with tighter dies you can use it to punch out disc blanks for jewelry. I hope this company sees this and offers flat bottom precise dies to punch out disc blanks for jewelry in the future.

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