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550 W 4500 rpm
Use of Potentiometer?
A few reviews have said you can replace the Hall sensor with a 5k potentiometer to control the motor speed.I tried this replacement but am having a problem. My pot wiper controls the speed in the opposite direction. That is, when I turn wiper counterclockwise, the motor speed increases. When I turn the pot wiper clockwise, the, speed decreases. This is the opposite of what I would expect. (I have tired different wiring positions with no success.) Is this situation due to motor controller originally set up to use a Hall sensor? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
Paul M. Seymour Paul M. Seymour
550 W 4500 rpm
Great for making 1x30 and 2x42 sanders variable speed
I used this to make my Bucktool 2x42 variable speed here are the links to the other parts available on Amazon that I needed to make this conversion The15mm to12.7mm coupling is here The Bucktool 2x42 cut off wheel I used to remove the threads are located here
Danny l.vaughn Danny l.vaughn
550 W 4500 rpm
The servo motor works great on my Chinese shoe patch machine!It was shipped well packaged and was easy to set up with a sewing machine pedal.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
550 W 4500 rpm
Excellent service
Super fast, great service, recommeneded +++++++
Seychellois Seychellois
550 W 4500 rpm
Easy Peasy install
Removed old motor on my Brother 755 industrial to slow it down and make it more manageable for canvas work, Had my machine up and running in an hour. Fit perfectly with appropriate adjustment of the provided motor bracket. Manual is crappy but You Tube is your friend.You will likely need a new belt. Easy purchase at the auto store.I happened to have a spare belt at home which fits nicely. Funny story, The belt was used on my Yanmar diesel in my sailboat for my old Hitachi alternator. Coincidentally the boat is where all my canvas work is going.Sweet!
technosteve technosteve
750 W 500-3500 rpm
Very powerful
How can a tiny 5lb 750W servo motor possibly be more powerful than a 45lb 450W motor that came with my sewing machine? I don't know but it is 100% definitely stronger, and the install took 10 minutes, just had to remove 3 bolts, pop off old motor, then put on new motor using the same holes, and using the included bolts. Super easy. This thing is probably going to last about 5 years, so for the cost, I will definitely just replace it if it breaks.
Steve Steve
550 W 4500 rpm
This server motor worked out excellent for my Chinese shoe patcher sewing machine. I would like to mention installing it on a homemade plywood bench was very easy making a pedal was also very easy. It has more than enough power to sew through leather and other heavy materials with this Chinese Shoe patcher sewing machine combined there in outstanding value. Viborg in my neighborhood gives excellent customer service the shipping is very fast and anytime I had to contact them via email I received a response within at least a day. The other products that I have had to contact them about most of the issues were my fault however they were very eager to take care of my issues and sort things out politely and quickly thank you Vevorfor for your excellent customer service.
Clayton Abrams Clayton Abrams
550 W 4500 rpm
It's a nice upgrade to your clutch motor
I have an industrial sewing machine. I can't believe how much easier this setup makes sewing stuff. It bolts up amd is universal as long as your setup is the industrial type. I have a singer table with a nakajima machine. I did have to get a belt (I just went to autozone) but it took about a half hour start to finish for the conversion. So much smoother and more controllable now.
Tom C Tom C
600 W 500-4500 rpm
I’m so glad I ordered it!
This thing is so easy to use and install. I made my own leather belt for it and it’s so smooth and quiet and very powerful!
750 W 500-4500 rpm
This was a great improvement to a great Consew sewing Machine. This addition makes that machine handle like a dream, I was able to dial down the speed and set the needle to come up when stopped. The RPM adjustment was worth the money for me.

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