Customer Reviews

Roberto desantiago Roberto desantiago
60 kg/h
Very loud for home use
We have a open concept home. Kitchen is off of the living room and this machine is loud.Kicks on all the time so there isn't much relief from the sound.Everything else is great. Great ice, we enjoy having the ice on hand at all times.
Charles Driscoll Charles Driscoll
20 kg/h
Okay so far but. . .
The quick connect hose leaks like a sieve. I made sure the gasket was installed but nothing seems to help besides some Teflon tape. It's holding up so far. Oh and the plastic coating covering the stainless!?!?!?! Really?!?!? I had to literally take the ice maker apart to be able to remove all the plastic coating otherwise it looks like crap cause you can't remove it just by pulling on it. Anyhow, remove that crap before assembly!!
Namdoog Namdoog
25 kg/h
Great little ice maker, annoying protective film
This is a very nice small flake ice machine, and we have been enjoying it the last couple of months. The only annoyance so far has been the protective film, which is very difficult to remove because it is trapped between body panels wherever they meet.
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