Omar Omar
Garbage instructions but great for value
Been using this for a month now and it's perfect for what I use it for. Sturdy, adjustable! Foldable to store away. It's a great piece of equipment. The foam grips will rip easily so I suggest wrapping your favorite colored duct tape to keep them from ripping and it'll last long. The instructions were GARBAGE. But once you get it going it'll work out. I suggest starting with the long frame first before applying the middle stabilizer in the middle, add the middle pole last. I recommend pull up bar.
Great value, easy to assemble
There are a number of points that can get screwed up if you aren’t careful, and to be honest, it’s not entirely clear that the base isn’t as easily secured with pins like the other connection points. To secure the base you have to use a small Allen wrench (included) and small inset screws, (also included), but it’s nowhere near as easy as the pins and i have a feeling the screws won’t stand up to repeated removal and assembly without stripping or damage making them useless. Once assembled though, the bars are pretty stable. I did purchase some silicone tape to wrap the top bar in both pull up section and dip bars section, and it made a big difference. All in all, I’m happy so far, I’ve been assembling and taking down the bars for every workout, so they don’t get rusted out sitting outdoors and with the right accessories, they are quite versatile, i purchased exercise rings (gymnastics rings) arm straps for knee raises and a pulley system to be able to do cable exercises like at the gym… for what i paid, I’ve been getting quite a bit of functionality out of these bars… i’ll update as i continue to use them
Joe Joe
Sturdy, simple, effective
Box arrived relatively beat up (a few tears/holes), but all the parts were fine. Instructions for assembly were easy to understand, took about 15 minutes to assemble once I got all of the parts unpacked. The only challenge was that the black paint on some of the connectors made it a tight fit when inserting to connecting beams, but with a little elbow grease and force the paint scraped off enough to allow the pieces to line up properly.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Best piece of home workout equipment i have ever bought
I love this thing

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