Alberto Amador Alberto Amador
Que sale buenas las herramientas
Me agrada x que es lo que pedí y económico también es más rápido de comprar
Lisa Large Lisa Large
Great product!
We change a lot of batteries in watches. It makes it so easy to put the backs back on. We had a different press before and this one is so much better and easier to use.
Simon Lim Simon Lim
Very impressed
I was very impressed with this watch press. I used the press to insert a new crystal into my watch and this watch press did a great job apply even pressure to the crystal so it sits flush within the case. I have used other presses in the past with handles and leavers and I found that since the leaver acts as a fulcrum the pressure is not even and it leaves the crystal sitting at an angle. This is especially a concern if you are pressing a domed crystal which has a tendency to be extra difficult to sit flat. The material of the instrument is also very sturdy and heavy duty and I can see it lasting for years without encountering mechanical issues.
Steve Satow Master Jeweler Steve Satow Master Jeweler
Steve Satow - Well Made Watch Press
Well made watch press. Less than 1/2 the reg price. I was very happy with item. Fast on lime delivery.

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