Customer Reviews

Justin D. Justin D.
Just Electric NYC Corp approves!
This thing is a beast compared to much more expensive stud punchers. NYC electrical contractor approved!Justin D of Just Electric NYC Corp
Gerome brown Gerome brown
Great tool, Great price
I originally purchased this several months ago, just to try one out and see if it was any good. Well I just purchased two more.So a little back ground. I am the owner of an electrical company that primarily does commercial electrical installs. We are always working with metal studs. Anytime your running conduit through metal studs you will usually need to knock a hole here or there. These stud punches work great, the guys that work for me gave this a five star so I purchased two more. Compared to others that are a lot more expensive these are just as good and way cheaper. The case is a plus, it’s protected in the gang box from being beat up.GB
Michael Huxley Michael Huxley
Great Tool - Michael Huxley
This is a great tool. It cuts clean and quiet. Great precision. Faster than a drill and quick to move around. We are working on a job now where the metal drill makes way too much noise, so we bought this to reduce the noise. It is working out perfect. Easy to use and also has interchangeable sizes. With the commercial work that we’re doing it will be used on every job. What a great price for such a valuable tool.MH
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