Customer Reviews

David Young David Young
660 lbs 50W 2 Packs
The openers are well made, the motors work well, and the installation brackets and instructions are excellent. The controller program is a little tedious, but the instructions are correct and make more sense with rereading and familiarity. Fine tuning the programmer is easier with each evolution, but removing the box cover every time can become challenging, especially with the short screw design. Screws are easily dropped. Excellent value and met all expectations.
Omar Dizon Omar Dizon
Is it possible to return the automatic door. I am having a hard time to figure out how to install it. I Just open the box and never even started anything on it. The ice machine and security barb wire are great. Please let me know for options of returning the automatic door. Thank you. Ok mar 8178811104
Chris Michaelson Chris Michaelson
Love it
Exactly what I ordered.
James Ogle James Ogle
850 lbs 80W 2 Packs
Double gates
Work fabulously and adds a lot of curb appeal to the property
Robert Bedell Robert Bedell
550 lbs 30W 1 Pack
Expect it to be as advertised. Have not installed it yet. Please stop begging and bugging me for praise.
Antoon van Rijn Antoon van Rijn
About the manual. Of course I don't know chinese. But Online is always an english version. Also the Samsung phone; Galaxy note 9 and up can download a very easy App for chinese. Point he camera to the text and you see it in plain english.As a mehanical Engineer I will tell you that this unit is very well designed and BUILT. And for a LOW price. However not every Joe/Blow carrying a hammer can install this unit without some trouble. Some handymanship is needed.
Jack Gracic Jack Gracic
850 lbs 80W 1 Pack
Need some knowledge of course
My second installation in few years,first 6 years ago was "difficult."this one 2hours installation,works great,did not program remote because (A)button works for close and open.I am looking for electric lock..because strong wind .
Harry Nolte Harry Nolte
660 lbs 50W 2 Packs
Best low price opener
If you have a gate 300 lbs or less this works great
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