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Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Very happy with purchase!
I was very pleased at how much in the way of hardware and accessories came with this kit - literally almost everything you need short or your installation tools is included.After installation I had the unit up and running in short order and have been very happy with its performance. Lights easily and burns clean and hot.For the price paid it simply can be beat!
Ivan Yurkinov Ivan Yurkinov
chineese diesel heater
as the hundreds of face book group memebers reported it works perfectly. i only today got around to completing the install in my micro motorhome/overland jeep project. its lowest setting is ultra quiet and uses hardly any fuel. do not skip the muffler if you are heating a larger area. on the higher settings it roars but at idle its fine with out. i opted with out due to off road use of the cherokee
gil walker gil walker
Works like a charm
Fired right up. Puts out plenty of heat. Warmed up the workshop by 20 degrees in about an hour running at half power.
In Montana In Montana
This is a way to go.
Instruction manual sucks. Product is excellent, easy to use. 12.4 amp start up, running is .5. Low fuel consumption.The owners manual needs to be written by an English Speaking Technical Writer, like me. Because it is very difficult to understand.
Kassie smithson Kassie smithson
Works amazingly! Bought it for a gift and ended up getting two!
Gene Rowan Gene Rowan
Works good!
Not bad at all for the price!
Derrick Derrick
Works good!
Unit works fine as expected.
keith woulard keith woulard
Love this heater. I use it in my 900sqft shop everyday and in my jeep when I camp.I fill it up every three days in my shop and it runs off a jackery power supply. This set up will run 10-12 hours a day for three days.In the keep I use it for about two hours a night and this setup lasts me a week and a half off grid.
Connor Connor
Works great !
Works great. The seller is very good at helping with issues. Best heater for van conversions
David Graves David Graves
Company does not stand behind there products
Fuel pump quit after about 40 daysCompany would not warranty itWould not buy again
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