George A George A
Works as designed
Meets or Exceeds all my expectation , interesting to see for how long/number of heavy use cycles, I am pleased
james Brown james Brown
The only one to buy
Fiberglass dust was very minimal compared to all my others. Very pleased. Will buy another for sure.
Helen L. Worcester Helen L. Worcester
Meets expectations perfectly
This is a well-made welding blanket. Sturdy and trim with a useful storage bag. Useful for me as I will use the blanket only occasionally as a noncombustable heatshelid to direct kiln fumes to an exhaust fan. Well priced and, with the grommets to assist in hanging, perfect for my intended use.
Timothy Trudelle Timothy Trudelle
Great quality welding blanket.
Works as described. Rings on outer edges hold up well when used to keep it from moving.
J. Reisner J. Reisner
Fire and spark
I use this for fire and spark prevention. It works great!
Michael Conger Michael Conger
Handles fireworks well!
I use these for protecting surfaces under fireworks rigs. Previous ones burned through in 8-10 shoots. This one is officially up to 20 shoots and besides a few surface scars it hasn't burned through yet.
Billy Billy
Contains slag and spatter and provides shielding for other that might walk up while you are welding.
Blanket is the right size for me as It wraps around three sides of my small welding table. This allows me to weld in my garage during bad weather and prevents sparks from reaching areas that could possibly start a fire if not for the blanket.

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