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Drew Drew
Converted to pressure pot
Needed taller pressure pot to cast tubes in. This fit the bill. I pressurize at 50PSI. Removed all internal siphon tubes, (will need to apply heat to break the glue seal) added a few NTP threaded connections a ball valve and a pressure gauge and I was in business. Drops 10 PSI in 12 hours.. that's good enough for me. Cheapest for casting up too 14" long (height) with in a 2.5" foot print. (The bottom of the pot is concave.)
4 Gallon 4mm High Pressure Pot Paint Sprayer Industrial 15l House Painting
Holds Vacuum/Doesn't Corrode
Note: I am only reviewing the can, I am not using the regulator, fittings, hoses or sprayer.The can is a solid, heavy, well built monster. It is ferrous, will attract a magnet. I've owned this over a year and it hasn't corroded. It's been outside in the rain, frozen, thawed, etc and no corrosion anywhere. It looks like it did the day I bought it. I have to assume some sort of stainless variant with high steel content? Unsure. It is not aluminum tho.I use this as a vacuum and pressure chamber. It is also used to extract oils. It holds vacuum for days, literally. I've left it under hard vacuum for over a week with no slow leaks. It holds pressure well, I've taken it up to it's max operating pressure during testing. No leaks.I have zero complaints, zero issues with this tool. I only wish every purchase worked out this well. I will update this later with anything that comes up. Since it's been over a year with constant use on it, I doubt anything game changing will come up.
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