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Josiah Yuen Josiah Yuen
Worth Buying!
I had little hope for this but gave it a shot, turns out it does an awesome job trimming and saves tons of time! Trim an ounce in under 5 minutes with this! Some small buds do fall thru the grates but it was easy to pick them out of the trim pan. Works much better on green buds then dry but worked with both. Saves so much time that any of my complaints about it are seriously out weighed by the benefits.
Abe Klassen Abe Klassen
spun buds!!!
what a time saver, all my buds {lol} try telling me it kills them! haha, but when they come by and look at them, they say no way did it trim like that, so had to show them hot to use it right, guess what they want to use it lol sorry bud's{hahaha} get your own, but told them i would trim for half there bud and will have it done less then an hr, :) yeah spun bud's
remodeler remodeler
Shim blades for superior cutting.
This product works great. However; to improve its performance I shimmed the blades by cutting two plastic bread bag holders to the width of the plate holding the blade. This pushed the blades against the grill and improved the cutting. I have been cleaning the blade after a couple of hours of use. I also ordered two additional wet blades in case this cases the blades to get dull quicker than they might.
Just buy it , you will love it !!
This thing is a game changer , it’s already paid for itself 10x the first day I got it, just buy it , you will love it, so far I’ve only done dry trim with all the leaves still attached to the flower and with just a couple turns it removes all the leaves , what used to take me 10 hrs. To trim now only takes me 30min. , this thing is amazing!!
Wes Wes
this works
I like that it does a lot at one time, It is not getting clogged like I thought it would and it doesn't tear the flowers up too much
Jhebsy Jhebsy
Amazing time saver!! Cranks easy peasy! Just buy it!
These is an amazing time saver! It does`nt beat up the bud because you are controlling the speed by hand. It only takes 8-10 spins around and it`s done! Just throw it in the drying rack and move on. I found if you try to trim any dry bud it`s not the greatest, works best with fresh bud. Nice heavy stainless steel bowl. I`m so happy with how much time and work this saved me.
Christian Goulet Christian Goulet
This actually saves HOURS! We’ll made.
I can’t believe how great this worked. I bought 2 more. Seriously easy.
Rob Z Rob Z
Approx 2 yr lifespan
I bought this in 2018. It lasted 2 years with minimal use. Just stopped turning. Comes in handy but seems like I have to keep buying. Going to check into other brands.
John Hamilton John Hamilton
Love mine!
I was a bit skeptical about these tools but figured give one a try. This was most cost efficient. Got it and wow. Very strong and sturdy construction, packed really well and works perfectly right out of the box. Hardly any assembly required... I was going to get this, try it out then look at a more expensive one but this, I think I found my leaf trimmer! Love it!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Just buy it, the results will speak for themselves.
Such a bargain and a great time saver. Unbelievably wonderful unit, easy to use and efficient. Best investment you can make. Sure makes trimming a breeze. Will never trim by hand again. The unit is sturdy and well built. High(ly), lol, recommend to anyone who hates hand trimming. The buds are fantastic after a few turns of the crank. Enjoy this wonderful machine, my undying thanks to the inventor.

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