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Perfect for a catio!!
At the end of that boardwalk is this lovely coop! Our newest family member is an indoor outdoor cat and we didn’t want to force her to stay inside (busy roads nearby).
Elizabeth Elizabeth
Got chickens, don't buy
The frame is sturdy, but the wire is sooo flimsy. It kept breaking while wrapping it, a small raccoon could tear thru without any effort. I've had to buy some real wire to double wrap it adding another $120 to cost & another several hours to build. After the struggle I wasn't going to take apart to return. DON'T BUY if you want to keep your critters safe.
louisa Fout louisa Fout
Great chicken run
We are in our 60s and we put it together in a day. Very easy to do.
Gina Beth Basteri Gina Beth Basteri
Great for chicken tractor, but weak "wire"
This was super easy to assemble by myself, however the chicken wire is made of some sort of plastic coated very thin wire. This would never hold anything other than broilers in and we reinforced the bottom with plastic lattice to keep predators out. The latch is also not sturdy enough for any other animals.
Arnold Giovanelli Arnold Giovanelli
Very pleased with quality and ease of assembly.
This is my 2nd coop from this seller. The 1st coop is now a year old and just as sound and the sturdy as when we put it up. I'm pleased with the quality of the materials and design. The 2nd coop has the same quality as the 1st one. Both were easy to assemble - the assembly instructions are quite sufficient -- just follow them, and don't panic if the holes don't appear correct. Reread. (;-) The seller will tell you via email that the materials will come in 3 packages -- they do, and they're very securely packaged. If I decide to get a 3rd coop, and I may, this is my supplier of choice.
Carol Fontenot Carol Fontenot
Good product
It gives you a place to put nails to anchor it. We used 9” nails. We also bought additional wire and doubled the wire 3 foot up all the way around and used stronger zip ties than those provided because something keeps trying to break in. I’m happy we bought this product. Easy to put together!! Would definitely buy again!
geehh geehh
Easy set up but have something like a dolly or cart to move the boxes to where you want to set up.
Dislike: One of the three boxes was VERY bulky/heavy, so plan accordingly and have something to move your box readily available. Otherwise, that was it. We highly recommend this Coop.
Ryan Kern Ryan Kern
Makes a great catio
The product arrived in two boxes. The cover was missing but the seller is sending one as I write this review.
buck815 buck815
Good shelter for my chicks
I like the easy set up, but the plastic screen is flimsy. To reenforce the plastic screen I covered the whole thing with chicken wire. All in all it is a good value for the money.
ZeekfromFL ZeekfromFL
I got this at a good price while it was on sale. We needed it to attach to the front of our existing coop to let chickens out during the day. It is not predator-proof and not made to be, so you need to put your chickens in at night. I had no issues except that the tarp did not have anywhere near enough eye holes. Fortunately, I had a kit for that and added 12 more. It gets windy here in FL and there is no way it would last with the six or so it came with. The kit came with PLENTY of wire ties. I bought another pack when I read other reviews, but ended up returning them. I even have ties left over.
Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft. Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft. Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft. Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft.
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