Heather Shanaman Heather Shanaman
Easy to assmble
I purchased this to contain our chickens. We’ve only had it up for a short time but it seems relatively sturdy, curious to see how it holds up over winter with the weight of snow on it. I was able to assemble this on my own, minimal tools needed. The hardest part for me was reaching the top because I’m only 5’4”, but if I stretched I could just manage it. I’d advise having a slightly taller person on hand. Chickens took a little time to get used to it but they seem to be content with it’s size. We have an actual coop attached for additional shelter and some perches inside as well. So far, I’d be willing to purchase this again. I also bought one directly from Vevor. I would have purchased from them again but it was out of stock with them. Everything comes in one, manageable box which was nice too. Directions were so-so but it’s not hard to figure out, except for the wire they sent along. It’s just several feet of wire and I can’t find anything in the directions that tell you want to do with it so we just threw it in the garage. I also haven’t had any experience/issues with predators where we live. If you live somewhere that you run the risk of something breaking in and killing the birds, don’t buy this. It’s made with thin, plastic coated wire and it can be broken relatively easily. If predators are a concern, you definitely don’t want this.
louisa Fout louisa Fout
Great chicken run
We are in our 60s and we put it together in a day. Very easy to do.
Robert Holland Robert Holland
Work great
Assembled was good. It took some time to completely assemble. Other than that worked out perfectly.
Katelyn Nelson Katelyn Nelson
Very sturdy!
Very sturdy. I was worried about the thin fencing around it so around the bottom layer we did add extra chicken wire. But all in all pretty impressed! We only have 3 ducks and 2 chickens but it has PLENTY of room for the coop also. I like how we could adjust it to the area we wanted to use, and it was very easy to set up. Definitely would recommend!
Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft.
Harold Harold
Mostly great with some minor issues
This chicken run came ready to assemble with the exception of one T connector missing a couple of holes. Got the drill out and had it remedied in just minutes. The chicken wire was a little lighter gauge than we hoped but a roll of 1 inch hex chicken wire gave us the additional predator protection we wanted for not a lot of extra cost. I would buy it again without hesitation. Also added an additional tarp for both extra sun and rain protection in Houston.
Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft.
Mark & Judy in west TN Mark & Judy in west TN
just what we wanted
This product was exactly what we wanted to let our chickens out in. In fact we liked it so much we recently purchased another. One to keep our chickens in, and the other to cover our strawberries to keep birds out. This is a well thought out product that we can move around easily, with both of us being in our mid-late sixties. It was fairly easy to assemble, with plenty of ties to hold the mesh together.
Yesy y Tony Yesy y Tony
Very easy to assemble
Sturdy and easy to assemble.Spacious and holds up to hard winds. Durable material and click on connection. Easy instructions and all are marked with their own letter of the alphabet for easy sorting before putting together. Comes with the straps !
Vevor Large Metal Chicken Coop Hen Run House Spire Walk-in Cage 12.8x9.8x6.5 Ft.
cford58 cford58
Great fit in yard
Would order again
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Perfect size
Chicken coop is perfect, however the UPS shipping was terrible. It was never delivered, I had to go pick it up 40 minutes away and bring it back.

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