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Elizabeth Elizabeth
Got chickens, don't buy
The frame is sturdy, but the wire is sooo flimsy. It kept breaking while wrapping it, a small raccoon could tear thru without any effort. I've had to buy some real wire to double wrap it adding another $120 to cost & another several hours to build. After the struggle I wasn't going to take apart to return. DON'T BUY if you want to keep your critters safe.
Harold Harold
Mostly great with some minor issues
This chicken run came ready to assemble with the exception of one T connector missing a couple of holes. Got the drill out and had it remedied in just minutes. The chicken wire was a little lighter gauge than we hoped but a roll of 1 inch hex chicken wire gave us the additional predator protection we wanted for not a lot of extra cost. I would buy it again without hesitation. Also added an additional tarp for both extra sun and rain protection in Houston.
Rachael Rachael
The wire is not my favorite
I live in a residential neighborhood that chickens are allowed to be kept as long as you don't have a Roo. So I bought this set up for my four hens.The wire, even for chicken wire standard is on the cheap side and I’ll probably end up replacing it or adding some more sturdy chicken wire to the whole thing just for extra safety.I don’t really have many predators to keep out except the occasional garden/ black snake due to where we live but I added some hardware cloth to the ground and zip tied it to the bottom before laying some mulch just for a little extra protection.The latch on the door is very basic and I’d like to add something a little more difficult for my kids to open.But my only other complaint would be the size of the gap at the door. It’s a little too big for my comfort and I’m trying to figure out how to fix that one. For the moment I have a strip of chicken wire at the bottom of the door that I just step over to get in.Overall do I think it was worth the money??I got it on sale for $200 so yes the frame went together extremely easy and the size works extremely well for my tiny backyard flock but I wouldn’t keep more than 6 birds in this.So yes it was worth the money for me but if you live out in the country and not a heavy populated neighborhood where you have real predators like foxes to deal with just keep in mind you’re going to spend another penny reinforcing this thing to make it predator proof.The wire that comes with is to keep your chickens in, not keep unwanted visitors out.
Mike Greene Mike Greene
If I were buying this chicken run strictly for the frame work....I guess it would have been a good buy. The assembly was easy and straight forward, instructions were clear it probably only took me about 6hrs and for 68 years old, i don't think it was 1/2 bad! Be advised that the mesh fabric is very cheap and can be torn through with you bare hands. My fabric had entire lines of wire missing As the pipes are easy to assemble...yes i would recommend this run HECK for 333.00 you can't beat it!
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Yesy y Tony Yesy y Tony
Very easy to assemble
Sturdy and easy to assemble.Spacious and holds up to hard winds. Durable material and click on connection. Easy instructions and all are marked with their own letter of the alphabet for easy sorting before putting together. Comes with the straps !
Debbie Debbie
Queen of California
Wire is kinda chintzy and cheap but the frame and ease of setup make it worth the money. Large enough for my 15 big chickens and tall enough to walk in. I can replace the netting easily as needed.
cford58 cford58
Great fit in yard
Would order again

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