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Frank E. Trinkle Frank E. Trinkle
Excellent pot filler for above sink or stove. Good directional and flow controls
This is a superb Pot Filler Faucet made of solid brass. Can be mounted on a all above a sink or if water supply is available, it can be mounted above a stove....which is what we did.Our plumber had no issues attaching to the wall behind our stove top and connecting to a water supply. It sits almost flush with the wall when not in use, but has reach enough to get to pots on the front hobs.Flow is sufficient for general use, and it's a clear time and effort saver to have the ability to fill pots without having to carry from sink to stove.The Faucet is well-built and robust. Smooth operating when positioning over a pot or against the wall, and the flow controls adjust flow precisely as desired.Very pleased with this system, and planning to add another to our outside kitchen/BBQ area as well! FIVE STARS from me, along with a hearty recommendation!.
Ethan Ethan
Nice looking pot filler
Nice and sturdy without any leaks thus far. I really like the duel handles and how smoothly it moves. I'm really happy with this.
Brittany Babbitt Brittany Babbitt
This is Awesome! I have yet to install it, waiting until we build our forever home. It will a great, efficient addition over our stove once complete!
Now I Fill Pots on the Stove
I became a plumber again to install this faucet. There are a few things I want to point out to help you install this without leaks.I had to put this on four different times to get it right. Unfortunately, mine is installed crooked and ugly around the included ring, and I'm somewhat embarrassed by the result. But it now doesn't leak, and we finally have a pot filler after wanting one forever.First, you'll need an NPT hookup on your wall. You will want to create a wood frame for the water line to rest in. They give you anchors but are way too close to make a practical mount. This big heavy pot filler moves a lot in use, and you'll want this installed into wood or some other solid surface. I ended up getting two screws on one side into a wall stud. I switched out the included screws because they couldn't go deep enough for what I was looking for.If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have removed more drywall and built a wood frame. Having a wood stud next to the NPT was enough to get by, but it is not what I should have done.I ran a new PEX line through the wall for this. The PEX to NPT female adaptor went on well enough, but it will spin in the PEX when you put the faucet on. Be sure to get a grip on the hex part while it's screwing on. You get a male-to-male NPT nub with the pot filler, and you'll need a 3/8 hex wrench to screw it down. It would be best if you wrapped this three times on each side with the included Teflon tape, and it won't hurt to add some pipe thread sealer on top of this. Two of my failures included not using enough tape. Only the combination on the last attempt enabled me to complete the job.Be sure to measure the top of your stove clearance. I had to set mine off to the right of the stove because the distance from the stove back to the microwave above would not accommodate this pot filler.Long story short, hire a plumber to do this right. But you CAN DIY if you want.The pot filler works well. There are two shut-offs. One at the base a
J. Dawson J. Dawson
Very well made - a beautiful "Pasta Faucet"!
I have the brushed silver model and it has a very long reach when extended. I am giving the faucet 5 stars because of the very high quality construction and ease of installation.It has a over tile wall-mounted design that needs a single-hole source pipe. It is a 1/2 "connection thread" that connects to a standard water pipe and is designed for cold water.This "pasta faucet" pot filler is suitable for a commercial kitchen and can be installed over a stove or a sink. It is made of brass which makes it very durable. The "brushed nickel" finish seems to be very strong and beautiful. I really like the "double joints" and "double handles" and when extended it has a very long reach (about 2 feet). It can rotated 360 degrees and can be operated with one hand. There is a high quality screen in the nozzle to filter the water flow.Because it is a 1/2 inch diameter pipe, the flow rate of water is very good (the manufacturer says its two gallons a minute).I am highly recommending this pasta faucet! Very good value!
David Padgett David Padgett
Good quality
This is a very well made faucet with high quality materials. The only problem I've had is with installation. It is not very easy to run a water line from the sink to the stove. The faucet seems great, just keep in mind the difficulties of installation.
Dailo Dailo
It’s really a 3.5 stars
The material is good. The craftsmanship is also pretty good. The quality is there. However, there is an extra part that’s not mentioned in the instructions. It seems to be a spout but I haven’t figured out where it can fit. It’s extra because the unit is complete without it. But I just want to know what it is for.The second thing is, there is no instruction for how to connect the water pipe to the unit. It only tells you how to mount it to the wall. But that’s the easy part. Any handy man can figure that out without any instructions. I’m sure I can figure how what types of water pipe/tube I need to use. But some show and tell probably can go a long way. For now, it’s sitting in the box until I have the time to get to it.
Jason B. Jason B.
Its no $300 name brand faucet, but its not junk.
I received this faucet in black. The finish matches the other faucets I ordered for my kitchen, however like other reviewers noted it is covered in oils and greases. Dont let this discourage you as the waterproof grease is there for a reason, and its probably just an overzealous assembler going a bit heavy with the grease. Wash the faucet off with some dish soap and a tooth brush and itll look good as new.As far as the construction and quality, Id give it a 6/10 compared to a pricy name-brand pot filler, however in its own class of economy fixtures, its a solid 8-9/10.I'm not expecting a lifetime of use out of this, but until I get something nicer to replace it with, it will do. Then I will move it to my outdoor kitchen .
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Super sleek and elegant design, yet functional pot filler faucet.

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