Yennifer inghilterra Yennifer inghilterra
Calentador de chocolate
Muy buena para emprender tu negocio, tráe ideas y propuestas diferentes, y emprender de manera creativa
Mitra Rezvani Mitra Rezvani
Horrible customer service
The chocolate melting machine started smoking and smelling like burning wires after using it for a month and a half. It does not turn on anymore. I emailed customer service and was asked to wait a few days for them to respond. After a week and one more email they responded indicating that there is a faulty wire and asking me to change it which made me very confused. I was expecting them to offer a repair service after having waited for a week not to be asked to repair it myself. I have called them and have been told that someone will contact me. Hopefully I can have my unit repaired soon!
Olufunmi Akintayo Olufunmi Akintayo
Skeptical about purchasing cos of the overheating someone mentioned and I really wanna buy
Adam Tinkler Adam Tinkler
So far working well after 3 months!
Built well! Using to to melt chocolate discs in a batching setup so having 6 individual 2.5lb. Containers is important to melt chocolate.
Martha Lincoln Martha Lincoln
Used it for the first time yesterday and LOVED it, set it on 45 degrees C and chocolate was perfect. Now that I can control the temp, I believe I will use less chocolate when dipping my candies.
carol driscoll carol driscoll
Works well. Very satisfied
Used in restaurant for keeping sauces warm. Works wonderfully!!
Jamie Rabon Jamie Rabon
Wonderful fountain!
Very easy to use! Love this fountain! Highly recommend it
Anita McClard Anita McClard
Must have!
This product is super helpful in my bakery! I absolutely love it and is a must for my busy holiday season! 10/10 recommendColleen McClard

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