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Really Great Product...
We use these dollies to remove confederate monuments, and they're the perfect tool for this application. Wheeling away statues is super easy.
VEVOR 4pcs Machinery Mover, 6T Machinery Skate Dolly, 13200lbs Machinery Moving Skate, Machinery Mover Skate w/ 360° Rotation Cap and 4 Rollers, Heavy Duty Industrial Moving Equipment, Red
MathGuy57 MathGuy57
Really works well on Toro Dingo attachment
I had to easily move my two-stage snow blower attachment (44" - very heavy), and used three of these on the key pivot points. I was able to easily roll it anywhere I wanted in the garage using these. Very pleased.
loliannette v. loliannette v.
It works good and it wasn’t expensive
Como herramienta para mi trabajo
Drifter Drifter
pour du jus d'orange au top
I am very happy with this purchase. The items arrived in cardboard boxes that were pretty beaten up, but surprisingly the rollers were unscratched. I used them to move a CNC machine across my garage ( approx 2100lbs.) and they performed perfectly. I was worried that the wheels may deform during the week that the machine was going to rest on them but no damage what so ever. 5 of 5 stars for me :)
Herkemiah Kosmopetry Herkemiah Kosmopetry
Great spot welder, just need to know it's limitation
Good product- does the job. The dimensions given are not for the product. I suspect they are for the package of four.
conrad zander conrad zander
Great tool wish I'd have known about them a few years back love em thanks quick service
Wade Hargis Wade Hargis
Got the job done.
We moved a 9400 lb metal shear with a set of these. Because of the uneven floor in out shop, one of 4 would slip out from under periodically, but were easy enough to reposition. Handles had to be purchased from another source, but matched well. My only complaint was that the rubber mats were not attached and had to be handled as a separate part. These were the best priced that I was able to find
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Grinds chicken with bone
On one of the four skate dolly's the top rotating disc was loose and most of the ball bearings fell out. The box had split open on one of the short edges from shipping damages, but luckily all the balls were in the box. I took the round rotating disc off and put all the balls back in the groove and tightened the disc back on.
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