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Ceira Ceira
They don’t sell spare parts
There is a little drive spring that we are missing, I have contacted them and they do not sell spare parts if it ever goes missing. I asked for spring specs to just order a new one from a different company, and still haven’t gotten a response. I have reached out everyday for almost 3 weeks. Very frustrating!!! I got another spring that isn’t the right tension or size, to make it work but it’s too much pressure and if I don’t stop it at the right time the inside plastic auger starts to get grinder up. Ugh
Mary Anne Meade Mary Anne Meade
Fantastic Product!!!
I just started canning sauce last summer and the tediousness of the process to peel the tomatoes and seed them manually is exhausting especially when you want to do a large volume of sauce. A friend mentioned using a machine and my husband and I started to investigate. There are lots of different products out there on the market. We read all the reviews for all the different products and decided upon the Vevor model. We could not be more pleased. This machine is easy to assemble although the directions could be better my husband basically assembled it based on some photos that would be my only negative comment. It is very sturdy and does an amazing job! We were so pleased with this product that we went out and bought more tomatoes. Easy to clean and extracted so much Juice that when a friend recommended doing a second pass, not necessary, it extracts everything on the first time through. If you were considering making this purchase, I would highly recommend it and I would buy this product again it is heavy duty well-made, and it does the job. I am going to try some other produce but I’ve only use tomatoes to date . I would highly recommend it and the price is great for the quality of the product. I have a video as well, but unfortunately it won’t take it on this site. All I can say is buy it.
VEVOR 110V Electric Tomato Strainer 370W Commercial Grade Tomato Milling Machine Stainless Steel Tomato Press
Jim Jim
What an excellent job it did with our tomatoes! Highly recommend! I wish we would have had this at the beginning of tomato canning!. We will try it on make fruit juices as well.
Could not be more happy. From some of the reviews I was a little scared but went ahead anyway. This machine is incredible absolutely no issues. Sets up in less than a minute. Is super fast and removes all the skin and seeds could not imagine it working any better. Did about 60lbs in about 30 minutes.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Great product
I impressed with the ease of use on this product. It saves a lot of time in processing sauce.
Tomato Squash Tomato Squash
Great price, does the job.
Purchased this brand as it was the most reasonable for a mostly stainless steel tomato press. Other reviewers that have oil leaking out probably haven't swapped the plug out for the breathe plug supplied. Quality leaves a bit to be desired, with sharp edges on the strainer and attachment to the motor assembly isn't the most positive. The motor housing doesn't have sufficient ventilation slots/holes hence the motor can overheat if run for too long a period. As other reviewers say, the worm screw and strainer tends to clog after a while. Overall, it does what it is designed to do and does it quite well. We found it extracted as much juice and pulp as possible extracting the seeds and skin into fairly dry waste. With the unit sitting beside the kitchen sink, we were able to place two bowls in the sink to catch the pulp and the waste respectively.
VEVOR 110V Electric Tomato Strainer 370W Commercial Grade Tomato Milling Machine Stainless Steel Tomato Press
Phil Phil
Alabama Hot Sauce
I own a small hot sauce company, but had a difficult problem and needed to solve it at a budget price. Prior to fermenting pepper pods, the stems and seeds must be removed. This is very time consuming and expensive process when dealing with raw peppers in batches often exceeding 100 pounds. I needed to be able to ferment them with the stems and seeds in the peppers, but had to have a way to remove them. While watching a video on canning tomato sauce, I saw this tomato strainer and immediately thought it might work for my fermented peppers. I tried it with the first batch about two weeks ago. I left seeds, stems, and skins intact and ground the peppers into a fermenting mash. When the ferment was complete, I passed the mash through my new VEVOR tomato processing machine. The result was the most absolutely beautiful fermented pepper puree. The waste try wall full of dry skins, seeds, and stem fragments. Not a bit of this in the puree! Best of all, the machine completely extracted the pepper flesh. The waste from the process was completely dry! I am so gad I found this machine. I am now thinking about buying another one to increase production or talk with my VEVOR rep to find out if there is a larger volume machine that can accomplish this task. Yesterday, I processed 25 pounds of fresh blueberries through the machine for a home use, and it worked perfect! We have the most beautiful, clean blueberry puree for baking and desert toppings.
Deborah Deborah
One of the best purchases I've ever made
I decided to try my hand at canning tomatoes for the first time. I researched the process and wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to do the job and make it an easy process. After watching many videos on youtube and the old process of blanching the tomatoes in hot water then in an ice bath and finally peeling the skins off them, and then contending with the seeds I saw this type of machine and was amazed how easy it looked and how much of a time saver it would be. I am so glad I made the purchase! I processed over a half bushel of pre-cooked tomatoes in less than 10 minutes. The sauce came out perfectly, no skins or seeds to deal with. The price was great, the quality if too, I am so happy I bought this, next year I plan on canning much more and this will make the job much easier.
Maggie Maggie
Home Canner
Absolutely fantastic tomato milling machine. Saved me (and my husbands) right arms. Hand cranking a manual tomato milling machine used to take hours. With this machine the same process only takes minutes. Great product and great price.
Dala Reick Dala Reick
It does a wonderful job.
I find that it is hard to get a bowl under to catch the sauce. We are building a table with a cut out to drop a bowl in. That should solve the issue for me
VEVOR 110V Electric Tomato Strainer 370W Commercial Grade Tomato Milling Machine Stainless Steel Tomato Press

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