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It's a small beast!!
My first impression after unboxing. THIS SMALL STOVE IS A BEAST!!!! This thing is built like a tank! It IS heavy, it's NOT a Titanium or thin stainless steel stove. This thing will last a LONG time! Now some caveats! WEAR THICK LEATHER GLOVES WHEN ASSEMBLING SOME PARTS AND THE PIPES, VERY SHARP EDGES! Some of the pipes came a bit bent so it was hard to insert them into each other. A little patience fidleing with them and they all went in. By the way good quality pipes. Door comes with chimney gasket already attached. The 2 discs that sit on top are my biggest worry, is smoke going to leak out of there? I guess I'll fire it up this weekend and find out. Outdoors, of course. So, once I fire it up and determine the performance and smoke leakage, or lack of, I'll post part two. If it performs well, then this would be a 5 star wood stove for overland camping. NOT FOR BACK PACKING, TOO HEAVY! Until then, HAPPY CAMPING!
George McCaskill George McCaskill
I still have not been able to find a replacement for the missing pipe but other than that the stove seems OK

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