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Signal_Ridge Signal_Ridge
Reasonable value for the price.
First before I begin let me state the mains supplied voltage to the variac was 126.2VAC. You can't supply these with large voltage deviation from the 110VAC stated on the front and expect to see voltage output match the dial indicator. So @126.2V supply the measured voltage to the dial indication is matched very well from 0V through 40V and above 40V there is a more noticeable change in the actual voltage compared to the dial setting. At 120V there was a about a 5V differential. There are no dips in voltage throughout the entire voltage adjustment range which is a good thing. The AC waveform shows a proper adjustment on the oscilloscope as the unit transitions voltage. The volt meter on the unit matches closer to the external metering than the dial indication. Out of the box I see a variac that meets expectations for the price. Let's be candid these aren't lab grade variacs but for most non-critical applications they serve just fine. I now have two of these on my bench.
WickedStorm WickedStorm
A life saver
I was always taught the key to good circuit is keep the smoke inside the chip... this allows that to happen... my electronics lab can't be without it
mcm mcm
Really shipped fast and worked good
it worked great for loads under 2k my loads are close to the limit (it would reduce its lifespan)so I ended up getting the 3k version
Randall Randall
Got what I ordered . The package was way ahead of schuedule.. no shipping fee..I was kind of surprised at the speedy delivery as compared to Amazon ect.. Thank you Vevo.
Robert Robert
This was a nice replacement for my 30 years old unit, works great. Super fast shipping and no damage.
Randy Randy
Have used it a few times seems to work well. I use it to control my band saw speed. I have not had any issues so far. Quality seems good. Shipping was fast.
Solid auto transformer
Bought this to simulate a brownout for testing electrical equipment and could not be happier with it. Works awesome
HarleyDude HarleyDude
Works Great!
I have had 3 of the $20 variable transformers and wish I would know about this before I bought them ... everyone of them has broken. This thing is heavy and built pretty good. I just wish it would have had some kind of swing handle because you have to use both hands to pick it up. Used it with my router and buffer and angle grinder and works extremely well with all.
Filemon Filemon
searched for a long time to find one. It is heavier than what I wanted and only has one plug but it works as expected.
Look for the oulet configuration to choose right model!
I ordered the autoxmer following the description for 0-230VAC output and I received a 0-130VAC. I returned it flawlessly the next day and reorder based on the images, not the description, and received what I was expecting 0-230 VAC.Please notice that in the images, the 0-130VAC has TWO regular outlets and a digital meter, while the 2-230VAC (actually about 0-250VAC) has ONE universal outlet and an analog voltmeter (which I replaced easily with a voltage-current digital meter:, although you need to desolder the output line to place the current transformer, no big deal).If you need 0-230VAC and less than 8 Amps for your output YES, I recommend this item. It is worth every penny! If you need more power, be prepared to pay much more money if you find one that is deliverable.

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