Ted S. Ted S.
2-3 weeks to arrive, not 2-3 days, vague promises, English-challenged support
Although they promise just a few days delivery time, don't be surprised if it takes 2-3 weeks. For a very late delivery by pathetic FedEx, customer support at Vevor might make vague promises such as "we will refund you for the cost" and even over-promise the amount they eventually refund to you for the inconvenience of a delayed, lost, then found delivery. But eventually you will get what you ordered.
David Delozier David Delozier
110lb Blacksmith Anvil Steel Anvil 50kg Solid Heat Treated Round Horn Metal Work
Rick Rick
66 lbs Steel Anvil
Good for the price. Needs some clean up and paint. Has some putty but not a lot. Better than a soft cast anvil like the Harbor Freight 55lb.
Travis Urbat Travis Urbat
132lb vevor
For the money you cant beat it. if you are a beginner blacksmith don't waste your money on an antique anvil unless you happen to find a great buy, with that said I would never trade my peterwritght for one, but it is a great second anvil that I dont regret buying. Don't expect a perfect anvil, mine came with some small pitting on the face in a few spots, there was also casting flaws on the sides of the avil that were filled with putty. none of the imperfections would hurt the performance of the anvil. rebound is 75 to 80 percent. The pritchel hole is not very usable and the hardi hole is large for the size of anvil
Tony Sarmiento Tony Sarmiento
Horn- Pritchel & Hardy holes.
I knew the size of the round and Hardy holes before purchase! I enjoy this anvil, but I had to reshape the horn into a more usable round shape. Also the step down at the pritchel hole is not very accommodating. The Hardy and round hole are very big. I think you could improve on these anvils if you made some changes. Overall, I am pleased with my anvil.
Bo Weaver Bo Weaver
Very nice anvil for the price.
Robert R Robert R
88lb Blacksmith Anvil Steel Anvil 40kg
Showed up earlier than expected. The UPS driver was not happy with me. I met him on the street and he asked me what the heck I ordered. This is the best deal that I could find for a steel anvil. It works well. If you are an amateur like me, I would highly encourage you to get this instead of a vintage anvil that costs 3x the price. Give it a go.
Shelley Williams Shelley Williams
Medium anvil
It seems to do what it was purchased for. We bought it for our son and he uses it, so I guess it's good.
Alford Stewart Alford Stewart
The top is a little softer then expected but the price was awesome
Dale Hunter Dale Hunter
Good beginner anvil
Packing was poorly done, feet was protruding from the bottom of the flimsy cardboard box, the anvil horn was punched thru the box, in spite of all that the anvil was undamaged due to shipping. There are some pln holes in the face of the anvil which are minor, hardie hole needs work. For the money you can鈥檛 go wrong, I do recommend it over a cast iron anvil the face is hardened, according to my file test. I have a similar style Kanka anvil which is far superior, but it also cost 5 times more. I have no regrets buying this and would buy again.

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