Customer Reviews

Thomas Dudley Thomas Dudley
Great 6 ton press
So far I have cut keyways in 1 1/2 round stock and made a jug to bend up to 1/4" stock at a 45 deg angle. It works great. The down side is that the hydraulic ram doesn't want to come down square on to your work piece. I attached a 1/4 " inch piece of flat stock above and below where the ram comes through the cross bar. This acts as a guide, now it works great.
Steven Steven
Good But Buy Heavier Duty Steel Blocks
I was able to use the press - in combination with creative use of a sledge hammer - to remove & replace a wheel bearing. The 2 plates that come with the press are thin & bend easily (not nearly capable of withstanding anywhere close to 6 tons). You will need thicker, heavier duty steel blocks to complete most projects using only this press. That said, the press itself worked as advertised. Seems to be a very good product.
Elizabeth Eszterhas Elizabeth Eszterhas
On time as described
Hydraulic press as described, on time
Stephen Brazwell Stephen Brazwell
This little guy fits on my shop table
It is a little smaller than I expected but for the money it will work do the when I do the be control arm bushings on my suburban.
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