Chance McCurley Chance McCurley
90 kg/day 5 x 18 pcs
Pretty Good Ice Machine
This Ice Machine gave me a little trouble after running overnight. It was not making ice. I trouble shooted it and discovered the reservoir pump had turned over in Transit and came unplugged from hose. I took the back and top off the ice machine and put it back together. 18 minutes later I had ice it has been working great ever since. The filter won't last long it's pretty cheap.
James W. Pyle III James W. Pyle III
90 kg/day 5 x 18 pcs
Not to bad. Nice to have.
The machine does what it is supposed to do and the ice is pretty clear. One thing I didn鈥檛 care for was the protective plastic covering the stainless steel. It鈥檚 very hard to remove because they put the unit together and the plastic wrap goes completely into the seams and under the trim. The door does not open completely and you have to bend down to scoop the ice. It鈥檚 pretty quiet. I鈥檓 going to get a stand for it because it鈥檚 pretty short. If you get a stand you need one that can handle the 75lbs for the unit and also the weight of the ice. Over all I would recommend this ice maker. Oh, them tiny user guide is terrible and doesn鈥檛 tell everything about the controls and display. There is a button on the control panel that says HOT, I thought it would start melting the ice to clean it but the only thing I found it does is turn the blue light off.
Rex Herring Rex Herring
70 kg/day 6 x 12 pcs
Storage capacity
So far the machine has performed like its suppose to, BUT the storage capacity is know where up to 33 lbs like it states it can/does hold. If you purchase it to place ice on drinks in a cooler, you best buy a lot bigger model or a small ass cooler. It MIGHT hold half the amount of the 33 lbs as advertised. A full bin will fill 2 small Walmart bags only. It will only fill approx. 1 and a half of a the regular 10 lb bags that ice comes in at a corner store. Like I already stated, not even close to 33 lbs.
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