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Alfredo USA Alfredo USA
Muy Bueno
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great seller and communication
I had and issue with the sign and they offered me refund and replacement asap
When I first ordered this product I was a little skeptical. I had seem similar products at a much higher price, so I thought it must have poor quality and/or limited functionality. I was surprised on both points. The quality is kind of what I would expect. Lightweight plastic casing, but it seems durable. All the LED panels were aligned and worked. The back panel is a little flimsy, so I would suggest not exposing the unit to weather. The functionality really surprised me. Based on the description I was expecting limited colors and effects. But that is not the case. You can set up elaborate scrolling sequences with all sorts of color wheel effects, etc. You can use any font you have on your system and there are options for character and line spacing. Lots of borders with different effects. Overall, very nice. The software for managing the device and creating screens/programs (what they call them) was somewhat challenging. If you use the software on the included USB you will probably scratch your head for a minute. The instruction booklet (I use that term loosely) is mostly in Chinese and VERY sparse. It tells you to find the HD2020 folder and double click to open it. Well, there wasn't one on the USB. There were several file, one of which was a .tar file. I finally figured out that it must contain all the folders needed so I unzipped it and there was the HD2020 folder. Copied it to my C drive and went from there. But, if you somewhat of a computer novice and have no idea what a .tar file is, the you will be in trouble. You will definitely need a program like 7zip to extract the software. The HD2020 program can also be downloaded from That might be an easier route. There is absolutely NO help in the HD2020 program that was sent with the device. The help screen simply displays an "About" popup. So you will be on your own - or google HD2020 demos and look for Youtube videos. (I might make one myself...). Don't use the USB method to move your screens/programs to the device. And don't use the Android app. The first is very tedious and the second has limited functionality. Use the wifi connection. It is easy to set up and makes uploading you screens/programs a snap. That way you can "edit in real time" and immediately see the changes. And the Device Settings configuration allows you to change the brightness on the fly. So, once you get a hang of the software it's really easy to program your device. And you can make some really cool signage with this device. Overall, I gave it 5 stars. I'm hoping it will hold up for a while and make me happy that I gave it that rating. I'm simply using it for a Halloween display so it's not like it will be getting daily use. If you're looking for a good LED scrolling sign at a very attractive price, I say go for this one.
Melissafara Melissafara
Great price for lot of product
It seems a lot bigger than it actually is in the window, so don't be intimidated by the 40". The LED panels needed to be realigned but it was a very easy fix. The software that you get you will have to play with for a little bit to get it down but once you do it's fairly straightforward. The only issue that we experienced was the mounts. The mounting hooks lock into a channel and if you make them too tight they will pop out of that channel. But other than that this is a fantastic item!
Glenn Washington Glenn Washington
Restaurant Owner
Sign works perfectly very easy to use and program. The size is perfect my customers are able to view it from the main road. Shipping was free and very fast. I'd definitely recommend this to others
David Noble David Noble
Haven't set it up yet. will this Summer.
Asad Mehmood Asad Mehmood
Perfect can write what ever u want to very bright multi colour
Wael Wael
Great appearance
CelticWonder CelticWonder
Badass. Simply. This thing is exactly what I was hoping for.
Nikkole L Verellen Nikkole L Verellen
Product great, company a bit difficult to work with
Really like the product, however there was a defect when we got it. The company was not easy to work with, and would have made us pay for the shipping to return or have us take it in to a store to get fixed and then hopefully reimbursed. My husband was able to fix the defect and we love the product. However, I do not believe we should have to fix a brand new item.

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