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Travis King Travis King
Excellent quality and a bunch of accessories to get you started in this kit. Definitely worth the money - excellent value.
McMillanFarm McMillanFarm
Good but could have been great
The only complaint I have with this melting furnace is that the lining is not coated nor do they provide you with the material to coat it, Had they provided rigidizer and or refractory cement, I would give 5 stars across the board. You can obtain these through Amazon but plan on spending at least another $30. I suppose It might work without these items but I don't think it would last very long without them.I like the dual gauge propane regulator and for the price can't complain about the supplied tongs (you will probably want better lifting tongs eventually). The molds that come with it are pretty worthless (10 Kg crucible and a couple of ounce mold) but nice that they included something. Get you the molds you want and extra crucibles for each type of metal you want to melt and you will be set.Overall good for the money.
Slimjim Slimjim
5 stars so far
Have done two sessions with this furnace so far and no complaints yet. Gets up to temp quickly and seems to work just as well as more expensive melters I've used in the past. I will update this if it prematurely fails or I find any issues.
Tom Tom
The only issue I have is with the tongs for the crucible, it fused together and nearly broke the crucible on the first use.
Darrell Holladay Darrell Holladay
A little more complicated than I expected, but getting easier with every use. Top quality product. Has everything needed. Would be nice to have more mold options.
Rick Rick
Purchasing Agent
I do a lot of shopping around for my job, I order this item for my personal use, It was the best price with the most features available online. I am a beginner at casting, I found this item to be easy to use and I had not issues melting silver and casting the jewelry I make. I am sure there are systems that you could get that would melt a more variety of metals. I recommend this one for anyone making jewelry.
Jacob Jacob
Good working furnace
Highly recommend this is a vary good product!
Роберт Андройна Роберт Андройна
Very happy
Great quality. No complaints
casting am I Now
Great value for the cheddar you pay for it
Bonnie Bonnie
most user friendly smelter
It is so easy and user friendly. It is literally plug and play. Manual was super easy to understand. Great starter furnace as well as for the experts. So happy i bought another one for gold. Customer Service is amazing emailed on an issue that was my fault and they responded within a few hours.

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