Customer Reviews

Adiel Adiel
powerful machine
great powerful machine for great price!works perfect, very powerfulhighly recommended!
Commercial Food Processor Food Grinder 4l Sus Tomato Chopper Vegetable Dicer Commercial Food Processor Food Grinder 4l Sus Tomato Chopper Vegetable Dicer
nour nour
Very good quality and perfect for high duty/ commercial use
granger d. granger d.
G. Durdin, great product
Great product. Has performed as we expected and is very durable. For the volume that this machine grinds up, it has cut our processing time down to 2 min versus 10 min with regular household food processors. I would buy again!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
So far I love it
So far I love it but it's so hard for me to take out the bucket and blade it's so tight you need a man to help you with it that's how hard it is am I missing something that I can't get it out
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Dont Buy this equipment here on Amazon, go to a restaurant depot.
I purchased this equipment the first one came with the cover shattered, I was so excited when I saw it, not knowing that the shattered cover was a sign to tellI me dont not buy this,,, so I returned to seller, mean while the response take so long I went ahead a d pu8a second machine,, It used it one day and never worked the next day,, so I go ahead and called in someone who's specializes In heavy duty restaurant equipments only to find out that these machine here on Amazon are refurbish and rewired equipment,The voltage description given here on Amazon are not adding up, as to the voltage on the inside.Please Dont Not Buy this machine here from these 3rd party sellers, they are Bogus,And Amazon needs to stop then from putting these machines up here for sale.Thank you.Trust me
Simon Endraos Simon Endraos
Great machine to process hummus and baba. It replaced the other waring food processor and doing a great job with better capacity.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
I think you meant to say ( MULTIFUNCTION ) on it ! But regardless.. it's good product
IshakuSuya IshakuSuya
Great build not working
All engine parts are enclosed in heavy steal case. Pot is Solid steal. Lid is solid glass.Tried repeatedly to work it but would not turn on. Returning item.
Nina Shegian Nina Shegian
Fast shipping! Easy to use!
I really like that this product actually works and I have gotten my money's worth. I bought this for my restaurant and needed it in a rush. I received it within 5 days and was happy with the quality. I have ordered other products and was not as happy with them as they would break after a few uses. I have been using the quiet a bit lately in my restaurant and I am really happy with the quality and capability of this product.
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