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Jim Jim
Exactly what I needed!
I wanted a good quality wood vise at a reasonable price, and that's exactly what I got. This vise is perfect for what I want it for. The only thing I can say that's not great, is the packaging. The box is too weak to ship this in, it had holes in both sides and some of the mounting screws were gone. Thankfully none of the bolts and nuts that are part of the vise were missing. If Vevor is reading this you should put this box inside another box until you can make stronger packaging. Other that that it's great.
John K. John K.
Superb product
Super heavy duty, industrial, vs the competition. just what I needed and just what I was looking for.
sweet woodworking vice
Good value, speedy delivery, description as advertised
Joseph W. Joseph W.
Jimmy Jimmy
Almost great
Made very well. It is just what I wanted. I am using Pecan wood for the vise face. It is almost but not quite great. The one thing that would have put it at great is to help simplify the installation with a template pdf. I highly recommend it with or without the template. With the template, I would have rated 5 stars across the spectrum.
R. Boulden R. Boulden
No handle
The woodworking bench vise is minimal. The acme threading is rough but workable. I found some beech rod and some beech balls. I rotated my drill press table 90° used some clamps and drilled a hole for 3/8” dowel. I threaded the other end so I can attach the handle to the vise.I made jaws out of oak so the vise can get a good bite on the woodworking piece. I lubed the acme screw with lithium grease, wiping off any excess.You can spend hundreds of $$$ on a beautiful smooth turning vise. This vise is minimal but seems to be strong and functional.
Steve Steve
Had a problem as it arrived a bit banged up - customer service though was great. The vice was replaced and is now up and running. Not an expensive vice - but my first real wood working bench and the vice meets expectations!
meamscifi meamscifi
we never buy a foodsaver again!
Works great but has no instructions. I had to figure out and google answers
Richard J Gard Richard J Gard
Great product
Take your time and it will be fine.
VEVOR Woodworking Bench Vise Wood Bench Vise 7 Inch Carbon Steel Front Screw Vise
Kerry Kerry
Cheap but good .
Cheap imitation cardboard box arrived damaged, pieces missing, free replacement, just time waiting.

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