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this machine is so good. working good and fast and easy!! my restaurant has 120 seat. this machine can make enough ice.
Ivan Cook Ivan Cook
So far working great, great product for the price, time will tell for longevity, only been using for two weeks
business owner
could not believe how well this machine makes ice, fast and has plenty of storage. Would recommend it.
Buffalo Bay Construction Buffalo Bay Construction
This is an amazing ice machine thus far. Great value and fairly easy to set up. Timely and secure delivery Works as advertised. We would highly recommend purchasing from Vevor
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great Product!!
Great Ice quantity, make a little noise, but don care about it
Brandon Brandon
We never run out of ice and it works beautifully!
Imani Brown Imani Brown
Nice Ice Maker
I just received and opened the box and I must say I am very impressed with the packaging. I bought this to replace a higher end Scottsman commercial unit that has given me problems the entire time I have owned it. Scottsman did not stand behind their product, so after that experience I am taking a chance on this company / product.The only thing I wish it had was a place to hold the ice scoop inside the ice bay. The blue light is a very nice touch. I like that the controls are not behind a panel and that the filter is easy to get to and clean.If I don't post a followup know that this little machine is doing its job and we are happy.
Doesn't hold 44 lbs but can't beat the price. Works as advertised.
There's no way in hell the ice bin in this machine holds 44 pounds of ice as it says it does. By my calculation, I'd say the bin holds 20-25 pounds of ice MAX. I do believe if you're rotating the ice out when the bin is full that it is capable of producing 150 pounds in a 24 hour period though. I found this for my employer (a 50 person occupancy diner) as they didn't want to pay $1300+ for a "real" machine. It's been able to keep up with our degree of business even on the out straight busiest days. If you leave it full of ice, the light meant to keep the ice fresh starts to melt the ice on top so you get water build up on the edge of the lid. The screen on the right bottom side is constantly pushing itself out of it's slot for some reason. It's a little difficult to get ice out of the machine without dropping some on the floor in the process. Great cost to benefit ratio. Quality product. Unbeatable price. Just doesn't hold the amount of ice it says it does.
David David
The equipment arrived in perfect condition, easy to install. Good price. From the first moment began to make ice. Perfect. Two tips, in reference to the filter, some simple instructions would be adequate. There is a piece that I never found an application for, although I don't need it either. The instructions in reference to the tactic screen, need more information. I tried to follow the instructions to adjust the time and it didn't work. I did not want to insist on not taking the program out of the adjustment it comes in. However, I recommend the equipment for the price, the simplicity and the service. It is more in the next few days I plan to acquire another, but without the bin.
Brad Brad
Easy to purchase. Our crews are happy to have an ice machine in the warehouse. They can load their coolers with ice and head to the job site.

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