Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
1 T Black
nice trolley
smooth operation good quality still using mine works great
Mike Mike
1 T Orange
Nice and heavy duty
The trolley wheels are very smooth in action and the construction is heavy duty. That being said the welds that hold the main bolt in the sleeve are very porous. I know that this is not a structural or loadbearing component but would have liked to see better welding on this sleeve.
royc10 royc10
0.5 T Orange
Not exactly as pictured but good never the less.
This item was used for a common house supporting beam that is in my garage. Turns out the trolley will barely fit the beam. Be sure your beam is not too wide to fit between the roller flanges. Also, the through shaft that holds the halves together and the hook-eye, includes two nuts you lock together (I used Loctite red on them as well), instead of the self locking castle nut shown.Overall, the unit is substantial and I would expect it to hole a ton as rated. But note that the beam has to be able to support a full ton on its flange or you risk serious injury. I did not receive any installation information and the box looked opened and re-taped, although it may have simply been taped due to the weight of the object All parts were included.I am using it with a 1-ton chain hoist.As a one ton beam trolley, I would recommend it as long as the safety rules are followed. I do not consider it "heavy duty".
michael michael
1 T Orange
Paint could have been a better quality and have Grease fitting.
Family Family
3 T Orange
Easy to install
Use this for a garage trolley and my kids use it as a ride in the garage. Very easy to install and setup on the I beam.
James James
1 T Orange
Good quality for the price.
The chains where not overly oil or grease and did not jammed when rapidly spinning the chain

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