Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Does the Job!
Just as described. Runs great!
Mike Mike
Just what I ordered, perfect condition and quick delivery. No hassle payment through PayPal. Already have sale items in my cart.
Ed Berger Ed Berger
Good backup
Got this to supplement my 100 watt solar. Easy to assemble. Get a pole or stand to mount it
Linda Kirk Linda Kirk
"Blew" my mind!
This wind turbine is well built, easy to wire and install. Does a much better job thany solar power did. The sound it makes is like a symphony to my hungry batteries. I run a pond aerator pump with no issues. Mike Kirk
Scott Blum Scott Blum
Haven't hooked it up yet as locking but that holds blades on was already stripped. Can't seem to find that size or type. Bummer.
Tom Tom
You do have to come up with a mounting system for it as it doesn't come complete with a pole
Mounted it on my boat, I don't use it much because it does produce a great trickle charge.
Riffy Riffy
Beyond excellent initially
For all the folks that didnt get it to work please test the coil and see that the magnets are aligned properly. It may be just a minor issue causing you not to get full current or your lousy wiring....I'd give this 6 stars ....dont buy expensive wind turbines cheap ones work just as well...I'm an electronic technician and I say this is a good as free energy gets
jose S jose S
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Excellent
Jacques Wheeler Jacques Wheeler
Quick and eazy delivery.Thank you
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