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Arelys Arelys
Very long and good quality.
Very clear enough to put on top of my office desk and show off the top wood color of my desk. Good quality and beautiful.
Onica L. Onica L.
Not very thick but thick enough
I bought this to protect my counter when formulating with harsh chemicals/ingredients. It works to keep my area clean. It did have a few nicks it in but it's very long so I don't really worry about leaks. When cleaning with soapy water, it leaves behind some streaks but nothing major.
V. Goldberg V. Goldberg
I have an old 100-year-old trestle table that I want to protect the top from damage. This is the perfect size for the top when the leaves are retracted under the main top. It is like it was specially made for the table. Exactly the right length and width. I've had other plastic protectors and was never happy with them. They were either too thick and had to be cut to fit. Or too thin and would curl at the edges.
Karen Karen
Just right
I was looking for something to put under a tablecloth to protect my table from moisture. This is perfect. It was easily flattened by using a hairdryer and then rolling it loosely in the inverse direction. It was about 3/4 inch too big but I just marked it on the bottom side with a sharpie while it was on the table. I cut it with a box cutter using a straight edge and then rounded the corner with scissors. Easy.I haven’t actually used it yet, so don’t know from experience about heat resistance. But since it’s plastic, I plan to use trivets under anything that’s really hot.
Love it!
Great material. Lays perfectly on my desk and gives full protection. Easy to clean and looks great
C Smith C Smith
Protects and easy to use
I bought this to protect a dresser made of soft wood that is easily dented. It was very easy to cut to the right size and it allows me to use the dresser without damaging the top. Yes, it's obvious that there is a protector there, but that doesn't bother me.
Dena Dena
Love it
I have bought this 4 years ago. I just had to replace it, do to my kids Destroying the last one.
Michelle H Michelle H
Nice and thick plastic
Very nice table cover, it is thick and I didn’t even have to heat it when I unwrapped it from the package there was no folds it sat very flat on the table, very impressed
Elnura Elnura
So recommended
It’s thick and protect perfectly the furniture. Added couple picture you can see through the material, and thanks to the vendor for the gifts.
VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth Waterproof Table Cover 24x60-in Desk Protector VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth Waterproof Table Cover 24x60-in Desk Protector VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth Waterproof Table Cover 24x60-in Desk Protector
Grace Grace
nice product, price too high
nice product, price too high

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