Zach Renzoni Zach Renzoni
Strong but rough
These are pretty strong brackets. Well made and decently designed. There's a few problems you should be aware of. Firstly, they do not auto lock. That is a manual action on your part. Secondly, the fit and finish is not perfect. Mine had burrs along the inside edges of some of the pieces that scraped as they moved. Presumably this is from the plasma cutter these are cut from. Why the former who takes them off the cut table and then presses them into their final dimension is not deburring them prior to press out and finishing I don't know. Maybe it's fully automated? Even so, the hardware has to be manually added and it should be there or final QA that catches these little things. As far as install goes, You'll have to disassemble parts of the brackets to install them. Not a big deal just need to be aware. Make sure they are square and true to the top you're using them on. If there's any variation they will bind.

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