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Cynthia Smith Cynthia Smith
It was a hit at the birthday party! Everyone enjoyed them. They only flaw would be the straps wouldn’t stay on. They would become lose each time you would hit someone.
Mike McCullough Mike McCullough
Safe and Fun
As far as the ball it’s self this thing is durable. It’s made of that thick rubber like those heavy duty floats that you fish out of. So it’s not going to get a hole unless you fall into glass or something really sharp. Playing in the grass like we did won’t hurt it and we played rough with it.
Joe Joe
Great fun for kids!
Ordered these for my 10 yr old daughter's birthday at the park. All the kids including one boy played pretty hard with these and I was surprised how well they held up.
Paul Tjon Kon Fat Paul Tjon Kon Fat
Balls of fun!
My 11yr old and 14 yr old use these every day( we live in the south). Worth the money 100%!!! Bought for Christmas and they are still using them frequently!!
Ed Sinayi Ed Sinayi
Great fun
Excellent construction that provides fun and safety. I'll definitely recommend to anyone.
Jennifer Nagle Jennifer Nagle
Expensive but very sturdy
I bought these for daughters party and a few of the cheaper blue and red ones. These are better because your head and arms are protected inside bubble.
Constance L Johnson Constance L Johnson
Excellent product!! Hours of fun with family and friends.
We purchase two of this items for our son's 12th birthday party. That was the best party ever!! Everyone loved it and we had a bunch of our friends interested to know where they could get this bumper balls.
Chris Chris
So, fun to have a Face Off!!!!
We used to roll down this big hill and ran into each other. This thing is a BLAST but dang does it wear you out. It’s also really hot on the inside but the fun factor is well worth it.
james wright james wright
Inflates and deflates easily and quickly
Great fun for the grandkids
Betsy Marion Betsy Marion
Very fun outdoor item
Outdoor games

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