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Tad G. Tad G.
Kids loved them
These are lots of fun
Rory S. Rory S.
Well-made, extremely durable
These bumbler balls are extremely well made. The plastic is thick. The straps inside are also very durable.
Rebecca Arblaster Geibel Rebecca Arblaster Geibel
so much fun
They are so fun. they are a little too heavy. if you're not strapped in with the shoulder harness, it's hard to get your feet under you. all that said, we had a blast.
Rita Hawthorne Rita Hawthorne
Came quickly! Seller honest anf easy to work with
We bought 4 of the 5' balls and 2 of the 4'.and blew thew them all up before our event to have a look. We put them in the pool and trief to find the leaks for hours as 2 of the 5' kept losing air daily , even though have never been used. The seller very quickly sent a new set out to replace! The grandkids played a bit with the 4' ones and we all laughed our heads off! Can't wait to get the adults into the fun. Inflate quick and easily! I recommend this seller!
Robert Robert
Amazingly strong for rough play
Ahh, yeah! This right here has been sooo much fun for all of us. Like, the toddlers on up to the older children and even our vertically challenged teenager (she hates to be called short). Really, there isn't much more satisfying then slamming in to people and things in the backyard and sending them or us flying. Haha.
bill dobson bill dobson
Heavy duty! Way better than the cheaper ones.
This ball is heavier (in weight) than the other brands. Little kids might struggle. The seams are durable and extra layered - very strong. I have several different brands and these are the best!
Tom Tom
Delivers Fun Promised
My kids loved them from the moment we inflated them. They haven’t stopped using them
Marc Lacombe Marc Lacombe
Highlight of the party
Purchased 2 for a high school graduation party. Hours of fun, even if you are not the one in the bubble. I recommend this for older kids and adults due to the weight of the bubble.
c-fstb c-fstb
Was a great purchase
Excellent construction that provides fun and safety. I'll definitely recommend to anyone.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
It’s great for kids
This bubble ball is pretty neat. It’s thick material so won’t pop easily and can probably be patched if it does. It has straps on the inside to help wear it like a backpack, and also handles on the front part of the inside to hold onto

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