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Great product. We used it at our school's field day as a Sumo Collusion Battle. The high school kids LOVED running into each other and bouncing away hitting the ground. The material is thick and durable. We had no problems inflating them with an air pump made for inflatable mattresses. After about 30 minutes of use, you had to add more air because some of the air seeped out. It only took about 2 to 3 mins to top off the air. Even though kids got knocked around no one got injured. There must be supervision to always remind students to make contact with the belly of the bubble and not to lead with their heads. Overall, we loved the product and plan on using them for all of the outside play day events we have at the school.
jenb jenb
Transparent 1.2 m
So much FUN!
Great product! We bought 4 of these for our school carnival and the kids LOVED them. The product is well constructed, the harness and handles worked great for those kids that were smaller. The material is thick. Best suitable for 3rd graders and up.
Bubbub Bubbub
Slow delivery but great item.
I ordered two packs and they were shipped and delivered separately. The second one arrived after when it was forecasted to arrive.
Philip Bryan Philip Bryan
Transparent 1.2 m
Fun for the moment
These balls will give you a quick laugh but are huge even when deflated so it takes storage space and a bit of patience
jamie liles jamie liles
So fun!
So fun! Kids love it
Bettina Moore Bettina Moore
We have so much fun using these!!!! Used them for our wedding party, and I even went down in my wedding dress! People who thought they wouldn't use them say the fun everyone else was having and joined too! Totally recommend!
Chris Chris
Kids enjoyed it for a day
I have indoor enthusiast children. I'm constantly trying to find ways to get them outside. We got this, blew it up, and let them ahve at it. It was a lot of fun for a weekend, but they haven't had any desire to go back outside with it. It seemed to be built well, so I'm not worried about it breaking/popping, and it was easy-ish to see through the clear plastic when running around the backyard.
Brianbmxer Brianbmxer
Super fun for kids!
I do recommend getting an electric air pump if you don't have an air compressor. The port to fill them is a big threaded hole, I'm assuming an electric pump would thread right in.
Shawn Shawn
Excellent product!! Hours of fun with family and friends.
I got this for my 11 year olds birthday party. Kids 7-11 at the party. All loved it!
Earl B. Earl B.
Best gift ever!
The bumper balls have been so much fun for our family to burn energy in our basement during the winter. We brought them out for my daughter’s birthday party and they were a huge hit! My children are 14, 12, and 9 and can all use the larger ones. My husband and I use them too! I use an electric air pump and can have it filled in about 7 minutes. They are durable (just avoid sharp objects obviously) and the straps and handles are good quality.

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