dan dias dan dias
Works for bubble-less resin mold curing.
I'm using for resin molds and air bubble removal. It leaks a bit so I leave it plugged into the air supply if curing more than a few hours. It's just a matter of taking the time to trouble shoot the leak is all. If it didn't leak slightly I'd given it 5 stars.
Dragonheart Dragonheart
All I wanted Was the Pressure Pot
I purchased this gun & pot because of the cheap price as all I wanted was the pressure pot. I set it up to work with my Graco 4900 HVLP system. The Graco on board compressor pressurizes this pot, which is connected to my Graco HVLP turbine airflow gun,. This allows for a much shorter length fluid line and portability. The spray gun looks to be of good quality, but as assortment of fluid sets need to be made available because one size is worthless for multiple types of spray applications.
M. Dunlap M. Dunlap
Staining the fence
This was a great buy for staining our fence and shed. Worked great.

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