Research the issues before you purchase - with modifications this is a great machine!
Anyone thinking of purchasing this should research the interwebs for the pros & cons so you know what you're getting. If you do decide to purchase it I STRONGLY recommend completing the modifications as it will make the machine a whole lot better. I ran the machine both before and after the mods - no question they NEED done!I give it 4 stars for a couple of reasons:- The makers know about the issues and have done nothing to improve the design and the major issues can be resolved for less than $10- Which is the other reason I give it 4 stars. Pretty cheap & easy to make it a really nice machine and if you're purchasing this you most likely have the skills, tools and knowledge to fix the problems.
Hongmai Chen Hongmai Chen
No masking tape in manufacture anymore.
My unit was manufactured 08/2018.They already get rid of masking tape...Great.Test run no smell. Will run again with some boards.
Alonso Valenzuela Alonso Valenzuela
Easy to use
Great oven, value for money!
Peter Blokhuis Peter Blokhuis
Nice tool
The cheapest reflow oven you could buy 2 years ago was around $1000 so I made my own from a cheap toaster oven. Now this one is under $300 and its a steal! My concern was that it would be very difficult setting custom cycles. In fact its not that hard to do at all. However two of the pre-programmed cycles work for my different solder pastes. The progress of the reflow cycle is plotted on a graph as the cycle progresses. Checking the temperatures witha thermocouple, you must keep the PCBs away from the front 1" of the tray. (where its close to the glass) Anywhere else, the temperature is consistent.
mrmm mrmm
Very good product for the cost
It is very accurate and professional soldering option for small boards.C. Medina
Mark Huth Mark Huth
Surprise, it works!
After a bit of fiddling, I got this oven to work without modifications. The user interface is crap, and the oven heats a bit unevenly, and when the fan turns on I've worried that the parts would move around, but it works for small boards with 0803 and 1206 parts. For the price, it gets the job done. I've only used the lower melting bismuth/silver solder. Had to modify the profile a bit to get good results, but that is expected.
Rachel Schmidt Rachel Schmidt
Reflow oven
Good gift for husband
Scott Soma Scott Soma
Works great
I use this oven twice a week and it works great.
Mom Mom
My hu loves this. He cannot say enough good things about it.
chris gulick chris gulick
Great reflow oven. Built up a new project came out great.
This oven will use 27.5 AMPS at 120V. Make sure you got a 50Amp breaker. Used a meter to measure power and current.
Reflow Oven Reflow Soldering Machine, T962a Smd Bga Infrared Ic Heater 300x320mm Reflow Oven Reflow Soldering Machine, T962a Smd Bga Infrared Ic Heater 300x320mm

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