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gregg gregg
great product
Was looking for something to help lift my vehicles for tire changes and let me tell you these work great. lifts a car in seconds, would recommend to anyone these are a definite buy
Paul Paul
Bought it for quick lifts in shop rather than dragging out heavy floor jacks and pumping up just to grab a wheel for front end play inspections. If it turns into a job , jack stand gets placed under vehicle, if not, it gently lowers vehicle almost as fast as opening valve on floor jack. Very small foot print and very light- could even hang it up on wall for storage. Mine was delivered with damaged air tube, but response and betterment was quick and satisfactory. This is about my third or fourth product from them in the automotive category and will no doubt purchase from them again with confidence.
Works for sports cars.
Getting too old to pump up an old jack, so I thought i would give this thing a try. It worked pretty well and very quickly on my low sports car. I does not like working at angles though. It sticks. After watching a YouTube video, I opened the airbag up to lubricate the steel sleeves inside. I found that they were already coated with lightweight gray grease. I tried it on my SUV to change brake pads. It was a little sketchy to stack up blocks of wood to get the extra height needed to get the wheels off the ground. Had to do it in several steps which wasted a lot of time. Next time, I will just use my standard floor jack for that job.
Neale Neale
Works great
Works really good I like it alot. It will lift whatever in seconds. They could change the controls a bit to a better design little easier to use. Only drawback obviously is you need air so mine is a shop jack. Other then that it works perfectly.
Antonio Valdez Antonio Valdez
it works good according description
it works well, and easy to maneuver, and lifts quick and easy
Don D Don D
Great low-profile air jack
I needed something that would fit under the front and rear of my C6 Corvette. I still had to drive onto a 2x12" to get extra clearance in the front. The jack will fit under rear differential without additional help. Have only used the jack a couple of times so far, but it has worked very well. Lifts half the car with no problem. Easy to control the lift and release speeds with the control valves. The fittings which came with it attached to my compressor with no issues. It easily raised the car enough to get jack stands under both ends. I did copy a previous post and lubed the internal telescoping cylinders, although they appeared to be adequately greased already. I did not experience the jerky lift or release that someone reported.Jacking a Corvette is still a chore, but this jack makes it much easier than any other that I've tried. If it holds up it will have been a great purchase.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Needs to be in better shipping crate was delierved with bent axles for wheels
Nice unit works great but shipping box carboard not good front wheel axles came bent
Th. Th.
Macht was er soll kann ich empfehlen
Hotrod Hotrod
Far better than expected! Will buy again!
I’m not a paid person or affiliated with whoever is selling this jack. I’m just a very surprised customer and want to make sure others know about this jack. I expected cheap junk for the price I paid, but I got a very good and better than advertised jack. It will lift every bit of 11k. I was blown away that it would lift the entire side of my 4 horse trailer loaded top to bottom with shop equipment when we recently moved. Way overloaded for the old tires I had on it, so I had 5 blow outs until I could find someone who had 14 ply tires in stock along the route. I am 100% surprised and ecstatic of how well it performed. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a product that outperformed my expectations. This one blew away my expectations and has me in a disbelief state of amazement. My only complaint is the hose placement to the air bag. It runs right over the top of the bolt at the folding point of the handle. I recommend securing it to the side of the handle by drilling a small hole and zip tying it loosely inside the tube. I have ordered two more of these jacks before the price goes up. 100% recommend this jack!
eneidamaria eneidamaria
Retorque all the Allen screws before using.
The best part about this jack is NOT having to pump the handle or twisting the handle to lower the jack. I lifted the left side of a Ford Explorer (~4,000 lbs) easily with about 60 PSI. Unlike a hydraulic jack, the lift was smooth and quick. Having a tow handle makes positioning the jack a snap. The air line connection is the same as all my air tools. The bronze filter fitting on the exhaust side is a thoughtful idea so the user does not get an air blast when lowering the jack. Being able to slowly control the lowering is a major improvement over my hydraulic floor jacks.I always check torque on the fasteners before using the device. A couple of the 16 screws were less than finger tight. I torqued all of them to 150 inch pounds, 4 and 5 mm Allens. I also cut a 4X4 block to sit over the rubber cap for some extra height. Probably won't use it for my Ford Edge.Overall, very pleased with this device.

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