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Anne Landly Anne Landly
Great Farm Sprayer
I used this to kill fireants with orange oil and molasses in water. It worked well. I may clean it up and use it for spraying concrete on our barn walls. Great price for a great product.
Alonzo Smith Alonzo Smith
It works great I just recently ordered another one
tee tee
hate the hose love the sprayer
used it several times no problems like the gauge hate the sub par hose replace that 4 stars
Ron and Sam C. Ron and Sam C.
Cost a bit more than the standard sprayers but this one will last a lot longer !!!!
Awesome quality and makes yard work easier
Kristen Tonks Kristen Tonks
Is good
Looks and works great
Mc13 Mc13
Construction and operation
I just acquired this product and immediately put it to use in my POISON IVY IRRADICATION! WHA HA HA HA!!! DIE YOU EVIL PLANT! Ok but seriously. I was skeptical about spending the money and after the 1st use I was impressed. You can adjust the tip for a mist spray or a direct spray. With the direct spray also has good distance on it. So I will update again after a month of use. When I first started going after the plant infestation I have. I bought the round up pump sprayer. It worked well but the wand began springing leaks from my vinegar mixture. Then I tried the cheap Home Desperate sprayer but it had no out put and the pressure relief valve was nothing but a leak. So I decided upon stainless steel and found this product. I like it.
pat murray pat murray
Very good product
Friendly Amigo Friendly Amigo
Weed sprayer
Works well, hose could be longer and designed for leftys i think. But great product
Asli Cuud Hussein Asli Cuud Hussein
It was easy to use.
Steven Steven
Great product
Well made just what I wanted

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