Customer Reviews

Amy Z Amy Z
Fast and easy chimney cleaning
No more getting on the roof. Just attach to a drill and go up the inside of your stove. Fast and easy, but be ready with your vacuum, a lot of soot will come down
Scott Scott
Chimney sweep
I liked how easy this product went together to use with a drill. The end result was an amazing experience!
Milenka Pozo-Gomez Milenka Pozo-Gomez
Great purchase!
This kit worked like a charm for my wood stove. It bent around a double 90 degree turn fairly easily while using the drill. When I received the package there was some corrosion on several of the tips (probably because the box was partially left in the rain when delivered), but some wd-40 and quick brushing cleaned it right up and got the locking mechanism working smoothly again.
Dennis Kushner Dennis Kushner
Easy to use
I have a chimney that I use from the roof down but this one is extremely helpful to use from inside the house going up. Noticed a difference in the flow of air right away. Easy to use.
RG033 RG033
It works!
One of the ratings was "sheerness," not sure what that means lol. The product works and I was pleasantly surprised to fund out my standard battery drill was strong enough to power the thing up my chimney duct. Don't toss the carboard delivery package because that is the storage box! Dave
frankie baby studman. frankie baby studman.
Easy assembly and efficient
I did not have to get on my roof to clean my chimney
angie obryant angie obryant
Wish I would have had this 15 years ago.m
Easy to use and works great.
Caroline Caroline
Right tool for right job.
This product is outstanding. Got the chimmney cleaned out in 10 min. And no more having to go up on roof to clean chimmney. Highly recommend.
alex leung alex leung
Worked great for cleaning my HVAC airducts that are 8” 24”.
These work great for cleaning HVAC airducts despite what others say.
Ashley Anderson Ashley Anderson
Good product
Works like it should. Wish they had options for bigger brush heads.
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