Jason Jason
Awesome product
Great product, easy to use and kept me from having to get on a steep pitch roof to clean our chimney
I had a little difficulty at first, but going slow and easy it worked fine. Should have used plastic in front of stove to control the soot that fell from chimney.
Allan Allan
Almost perfect
Funny they asked me for a review now - I just used it after sitting for a month or more. I never write these, but I was impressed - money well spent. I had an 8" Stainless Steel liner installed. I do not want any part of being on the roof. I took the elbow off my stove and ran the cleaner up while standing on the floor. It went in the T easily, and up the pipe. The ball and socket connections where easy to deal with (but a push/click system would be quicker), and I was able to do a couple sections at each change. It took me a minute to realize that the sharp edge of the T was scraping the rods, but a small piece of ducktape on the pipe edge protected the rods fine.
cindy lee cindy lee
It was easy to use and worked better than I expected.
Robert DenBleyker Robert DenBleyker
Chimney Sweeping Brush Rotary Chimney Brush 315inch Chimney Brush Rod Kit 8 Rods
Brian Orluk Brian Orluk
Very Good Product
Last time chimney "professional" came he charged $600.00 (no... not a typo). This cost almost 90% less, took less time than he did, and did a better job, and I can use it again. A little messy, but less than I expected. Highly recommend.
Carl Garbacik Carl Garbacik
good product fast shipping
works great, shipped fast.
geh22 geh22
33ft soot eater
Very good product, worked very well cleaning chimney.
Mountainman Mountainman
chimney cleaner
This tool worked perfectly. Flexible rods went in thru the cleanout at 90 degree bend. Good purchase for me.
M Giles M Giles
great product
i bought this for my father so he doesnt have to go on the roof any more it works great

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