Robert Menefee Robert Menefee
20ft Chimney Cleaner Sweep Kit Cleaning System Rotary Brush Rod Fireplace 6m
Anne Anne
Does the job
I had major doubts, but the product seems to do exactly what it is supposed to. I wish there was a template to help cutting the strings to fit the flue size (I cut too much off), but even with too short strings it banged around enough and was able to knock some big creosote chunks down. Overall I am happy with the product and excited to stay off the roof before the next burning season.
Vladimir A. Gladyshev Vladimir A. Gladyshev
very decent product.
Very decent product. However ,in the beginning to complete assembly I had to adjust the size of the lock holed with the drill. After that i cleaned chimneys for my 2 stoves. Works very fine. Investment to this tool is mush cheaper that hiring the professional service

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