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Glenn61 Glenn61
Good but pricey
RIDGID makes the PowerSpin Plus, a 24 foot , narrower 1/4 inch cable better suited for indoor access. Has a removable handle to connects to a standard 3/8 electric drill for $43.76 at HD. Same effect, less than half the price, if you happen to already own a power drill.....
Drain Cleaner 26'x1/3" 700W Portable Electric Drain Pipe Cleaning Machine Drain Cleaner 26'x1/3" 700W Portable Electric Drain Pipe Cleaning Machine
Jacki Jacki
Very handy
It works great , easy to use and served the purpose
davemba99 davemba99
Works well with 2" kitchen drain
I’ve owned and have rented a few drain snakes over the years, from the small manual ¼” cable diameter ones to ¾” motorized automatic units. This VEVOR 5/16” diameter 26’ turned out to be my go to snake because it is perfectly sized for 2” pipes around my kitchen. The ¼” snakes are good for up to 1-1/2” pipes and the 3/8” diameter works great for larger pipes but were just too stiff for 2” pipes to go through turns. The 5/16” diameter turned out to be perfect.The drum rotates when you pull the trigger. Make sure to start with slow speed; adjust the speed control knob to the minimal setting before pulling the. The auto feed works by squeeze the feed handle.The unit was well built. There was an instruction booklet that came with the unit. Someone had put good effort writing it but the translation was a little hard to understand.What would make this an even better product is a window or opening in the drum so you can see how much cable has dispensed.
lazyboy lazyboy
This is a very powerful machine, but it's a bit heavy for me (small guy). Everything works as expected. I used it to clear the drain for my laundry.
eric eric
Best drain tool I ever buy
It works really good. So far I save about $800.00 worth of work. Every time I called plumber they charged me about $200.00 but after I bought this electric drain tool I don't have to call them anymore.
Kirk Abernathy Kirk Abernathy
Best investment
I love this product, easy to use, I did youtube how to use but it was easier than I originally thought. Works great! Worth the investment
sealsk sealsk
Ok but not as good as more costly versions
Seems to be a nice product and a good deal for the money.
Hanh Pham Hanh Pham
machine is good for home use.
This product enough strong to solve my problem with blocking the piping under kitchen and bathtub. Until now I do not find down any problem with this machine. It look like new and easy to operate, easy to control start, stop, speed, forward or reverse.Only one complaint is item come without safety gloves as advised on amazon. Aware about it and customer service behavior also.
harshad b patel harshad b patel
The quality!
I like it works well, and it is easy to use!
fsahagun fsahagun
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