PiperV PiperV
Well-built, great value - parts sources are limited
Solid, tight with a quality annodization. No instructions, however, if you YouTube the Tecre machine there are several great instructional videos available. (when inserting the dies, make sure that the vertical metal bars on each lower die are positioned towards the middle of the unit)Purchased from seller "Mophorn" who shipped and answered questions promptly. Only worrisome point now is where to find button parts. Most domestic sellers specify that their parts only work in USA built machines. The design of this unit is quite similar to the Tecre (American brand) but it is the internal die dimensions which ultimately determine compatibility. Besides the fact that the button backs provided in the kit are plastic. I have placed an order with a company called "" (100 sets of 1-3/4" Pinned metal Back Buttons) and hope to trial them by the middle of May 2019. More to come.........5/5/19 UPDATE - Being unable to make more buttons on this machine than the limited number of starter parts provided, I purchased a quantity of steel backed 1.75" (44mm) button parts from [NO PROMOTION IS GIVEN HERE FOR THAT COMPANY ONLY THAT THEIR PARTS CAN BE MADE TO WORK] The steel pin backs are roughly 1/2 the thickness of the Mophorn plastic backs. Solution to using them in a Mophorn machine is to remove the pin from the back from one part. Place the back into the bottom of the die as shown in the photo. This becomes a spacer which makes the bottom die just the right height to function. Now just run your button making process as per normal and voila! You've got steel backed buttons and parts that are readily available. I have not tried any other supplier but my guess is that the end result will be the same.
Unknown Unknown
Handle may need to be adjusted to make it go down all the way
Seems like a decent button maker. Took sometime to figure out why we could not get it to go down all the way, turns out the handle was hitting a screw and needed to unscrewed a little.
Magaly Magaly
Great machine however I don't think if it came with instructions I would be more delighted. Yes it is easy to put together but it took me an hour to figure out why it was not working. First the handle wasn't going all the way down and thanks to the review I read the man said he had to adjust the handle bc of a screw I did just that and that worked but then I damaged 5 buttons because I didn't know that there's a dial to turn for it to grab the pin. So all in all I suggest the seller provides instructions for people because there are no YouTube videos on this machine... and now I just hope that I can find the plastic back pieces for restock somewhere.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
No instructions
There were no instructions, even though its says includes 1 manual. it looks us about 2 hours to realize the for the image side - do NOT align the rods into the holes. for the button side you DO align the rods with the holes. We had to resort to youtube to find which direction the button holder were supposed to face. In the youtube video, the button holder sides are labeled A and B. On the actual unit the presses ARE NOT labeled, but the rotating part is labeled L and R.once we got it going, we are fine, but wasted about 50 pieces.
Nicole Kunihisa Nicole Kunihisa
Sturdy product..
This product is very well made and easy to put together out of the box. The process to make the button is quite easy once you watch the video. Be aware that this product uses plastic backings. I attempted PiperV's review/hack to use metal backings but was unsuccessful. The pins with plastic backings come out perfectly, so no problem there. Their customer service is quick to respond to communications, and overall I had very good interactions with them.
alicen p. alicen p.
Great look good quality
It's very good quality and my best friend loves the look of it. Now that this is said, we cant figure out how to use the darn thing. We set it up correctly and everything but it just isnt working properly. With more tweaking with it I'm sure we will figure it out.

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