Excellent tool,
This is a good quality tool for the most part with plenty of power, my only little gripe is that the Chuck key doesn’t seem to have the best fit with the chuck on the tool, definitely a little sticky .I can fix this, so for me it’s not worth sending back.
Richard Richard
I've wanted one since I first seen them,I finally got one,wouldn't trade it for the world
I'm useing it to carve on wood
S-R Hanging Flexshaft Mill 230W 4mm Jewelry Design&Repair Tools 
John Kisida John Kisida
Great Product, and customer service
The Vener Flex shaft is great, works great and the first one I ordered came in a broken box with missing parts and bent flex shaft. I sent my concerns and was sent another one and love it. I deeply appreciate the way customer service worked with me. I will always shop here when there's something I need. Awesome loyal company. I would recommend Vevor to all buyers. Thank You
Debby Rock Debby Rock
Use it for everything. Fantastic
Leslie Tussey Leslie Tussey
Sr flex shaft grinder
Works exactly like it should!
Grits Grits
Good product, affordable price
Did everything that I needed at an affordable price. Well worth it.
jeff bell jeff bell
Well worth the money
Works well with plenty of torque and low vibration
Nine33 Nine33
Works great
No complaints other than foot pedal is lack luster
Maria Levandowski Maria Levandowski
Exceptional equipment at a great price
I've been using this Flex Shaft for two weeks with sterling, gold, base metals, gems and so on. The variable speed foot pedal is perfect for drilling precision holes in metal, stone settings and for carefully polishing especially around gemstones. It replaces a number of individual tools I've been using to bridge the gap between what I had and what I actually needed. I've shopped for similar equipment for over a year and always found the prices to be far higher than I wanted to pay. I can't see how the higher priced versions could be any better than this.
gudi gudi
Based on previous reviews,I bought the Vevor Flex Shaft. Admittedly, I was hesitant, since I am well aware that a lot of positive reviews are bought by either MFG or Wholesaler. What a great surprise: the item lives up to its reputation! No need to add anything to the reviews of June 6 and Sept 6, 2019. It's all been said and I wholeheartedly concur.

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